What makes a motorcycle glove “wind-proof”?

We’re glad you asked!  A rider feels the wind anytime they are moving.  In warmer weather, there is no greater feeling.  But in cold, blustery weather, the wind can chill you to the bone.

It helps to have gear — and gloves — that use a barrier to the wind to make your ride more comfortable.

Here’s what you need to know.more

The basic technology for a windproof glove is this: the outer shell or inner lining material is laminated with a waterproof and breathable film.

The main point is that adding this laminated layer is an effective barrier against wind.

Even though the film is technically waterproof, too, we don’t call gloves waterproof unless the seams are also sealed. 

  • So … if the seams are sealed, it’s waterproof AND windproof.


  • If the seams are not sealed, its windproof ONLY,  but NOT waterproof.

Examples of Windproof Gloves:

A perfect example is the Olympia 280 Windstop Akita Glove – a lined windproof glove that is not waterproof.

When might you want that? If you’ve ridden in spring and late fall anywhere in our great country, you’re going to experience some cold blustery weather.  

Gloves in this category typically have the following labels:

  • WindStopper: a windproof lamination made by W.L. Gore, the same company that makes Gore-Tex
  • WindTex: another brand of windproof lamination

Other Gloves For WInd Protection

(Not Windproof, but Still Beneficial)

Some gloves are good for wind protection, but aren’t technically windproof:

  • Leather Gloves: leather is highly wind resistant, though we stop short of calling it windproof without the lamination.  Still, it’s the best wind protection youll find in a glove that is not labeled “windproof”.
  • Gauntlet Gloves: Let’s not forget the usefulness of a gauntlet glove style, designed to keep cold air from going up your sleeve!  Whether the extended cuff goes over or under your jacket, it’s another way to stay comfortable while riding in wind.

Here are a few other tips to stay comfortable while riding in the wind:

Other Options To Protect Hands From Wind

There are several non-glove options to block wind, such as hand covers and wind muffs.

These additions to your bike do block wind and rain, but they do NOT provide the warming layering effect of air trapped within textiles on your hands.

  • Wind Deflectors/Wind Guards: usually heavy duty plastic, mount on the bars to shield from wind
  • Hand Muffs: sewn covers that go over grips, with or without a hand guard, to add another layer of protection from wind

Some riders say that the combination of muffs plus electric bars is a nice recipe for warm hands … others say that it is a sure recipe for warm palms and freezing hands.  With or without electric grip warmers or hand covers, protect hands from exposure to wind using a competent glove.

Hopefully, these tips for riding in wind have helped.


What are your best tips for riding in wind?  Leave a comment, we’d love to know.

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