Women who ride are happier and more fulfilled. 

So says a marketing study published by Harley Davidson two weeks ago.

It’s a good read. (republished below).

Kudos to H-D for trying to introduce new women to our sport … as market leader, they are doing a great job with their Riders Edge courses, and other outreach programs.

But here’s my question:  with all the positive benefits for women motorcyclists, isn’t it about time the rest of our industry kicks the stereotypical “fender fluff” image of women riders to the curb?

What The H-D Women’s Motorcycle Study Says …

Among other things, the Harley Davidson study says:

  • More than half as many cite their motorcycle as a key source of happiness (53%)
  • Nearly three quarters believe their lives have improved since they started riding (74%)
  • Over half have better communication with their significant other (60% riders vs. 38% non-riders)
  • More than twice as many always feel happy (37% riders vs. 16% non-riders)
  • More than a third feel less stressed after starting to ride (34% of women riders)
  • Nearly twice as many always feel confident (35% riders vs. 18% non-riders
  • Nearly four times as many always feel sexy (27% riders vs. 7% non-riders)
  • Over half have more physical intimacy (51% vs. 35% non-riders)

Time for Marketer’s to Get Real?

chick_on_the_backI was trying to match up the study results, and the women I know who ride … to the images of women riders in the media.

The women riders I know are confident, independent, smart, powerful, determined, even fearless.

We see some strong female rider role models in the media, riding sport bikes, doing stunts … but more often it’s the biker babe draped over the back of a Ducati.

I guess the simple answer is that sex sells … and there are still more women riding 2-up than women who own their own bikes, so motorcycle marketing might come down to simple math.

Still … when are we going to see more real women motorcycle owners who just ride for the pleasure and love of the sport?  

Riders: What do you think?

It’s 2014:

  •  What’s up with the media image of the sexy biker chick?
  • Where are the positive woman rider role models for young girls? 

Women motorcycle riders are moms, sisters, wives, daughters … Isn’t it time to kick the silly stereotypes to the curb?

Let us know what you think.

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