Here’s the key: gloves need to fit just right. 

We know some women will try to get by with a men’s size small glove … and some women can.

But the scale and proportion of a woman’s hand truly is different.  We design gloves specifically for women — not only to make them feminine from a style perspective — but to make them fit.

Truth is, fit complaints are the #1 concern of riders of BOTH sexes. 

We suggest that you purchase gloves specifically designed to fit a woman’s hand, not scaled down versions of a mans gloves.

Want to know why? Read on.more

Women’s hands are not just smaller versions of men’s hands

Women have relatively narrow hands with long fingers, while men’s hands are relatively wide with short fingers.  In addition to slender hands and fingers, some of us have fingernails … some of us even wear rings!

Well-designed women motorcycle gloves should be take all these factors into account.  Made from women’s hand patterns, based on women’s hand/fit models.

That’s reflected in the fit, feel and proportions of our women’s gloves styles like The Ringer, the Women’s Aventador, and 9 other women’s motorcycle gloves that take this into account, with a size range that starts at S and goes through XL for some styles.

How to Make Sure Your Women’s Motorcycle Glove Fits

In all candor, there really is no substitute for trying gloves on before you buy them … and we say this even though many of you will order gloves online.

When it comes to fitting a motorcycle glove, here’s our advice:  Measure your hand and use the a manufacturer’s size chart and  Fit Guidelines to determine the right size glove.

For instance, it’s OK for leather gloves to fit snugly when new — as you break them in, they will stretch out and conform to the shape of your hand.

But certain textile styles will not stretch … so you should take the extra step to choose the right size, so it fits like … a glove:)  If you can, visit a dealer and triple check the fit before you buy. 

(We advise this, even though we sell our gloves on line as a convenience for our loyal customers).

We hope this helps to make your ride to and from work more comfortable … and those weekend rides, too! 

P.S. We make over 70 styles, including 11 women’s motorcycle gloves, and some with free shipping. To learn more about our women’s motorcycle glove styles, visit a local dealer or our online store:

Happy Trails … Ride Safe!