Spring fever has set in. You know it. Your kids know it. Your neighbors know it. But how do you know you know it? Here are a few signs to tell if you’re suffering from spring motorcycle fever.

You make motorcycle sounds. Even in your sleep.

You’ve used a hair drier to melt snow.

40 degrees used to mean coat weather. Now 40 degrees means ridin’ weather!

You’ve started wearing your motorcycle gloves while driving.

Every bicycle looks like a motorcycle at first glance.

Washing your bike in 40 degree weather seems reasonable because “the sun’s out!”

You’ve begun to wear your chaps to bed.

Every time your husband bends over to pick something up you jump on and make motorcycle sounds.

Whenever someone asks the time, you respond with “Time to saddle up!”

A helmet seems like a perfectly legitimate accessory to your cousin’s wedding.

Your garage has become your castle. Your bike is the throne.

You’ve considered putting your couch on the curb to make room for your bike in the living room. Because you “miss your baby.”

Instead of working, you’re looking at riding routes where the snow has melted and the roads are curvier than a Kardashian.

We’re with you. It’s time for spring to be here so we can ride. In the meantime, enjoy the warming of the weather and keep your motorcycle noises to a minimum at work.