Happy Mother’s Day to all you biker babes with babes of your own. I for one am glad my mom’s a biker – well sort of a biker. She doesn’t have her own bike. She rides with my dad. But she’s a biker just the same.

I knew growing up that I wouldn’t have to fight to buy my own motorcycle. Since I’d grown up on an old Harley Sportster, it was only a matter of time before I’d be taking a cruise with my parents. 

Here’s a list of reasons why I’m glad my mom’s a biker babe.

  1. I’d never be in trouble for skipping a family dinner – or showing up late – because it was too nice to NOT go for a ride. Let’s face it…some days you just have to ride. A biker mom gets that. In fact, she may be late to your event, so cut her some slack.
  2. Easy to buy for – black is always in style. Clothes are never an easy buy for women, especially moms. But when mom’s a Harley chick, orange and black is pretty easy. 
  3. Inviting my biker friends over isn’t an issue. Rolling up to mom and dad’s house with my crew if the parents were not bikers might look a little different than it was in my house. For me, all my buddies looked up to my dad & mom as the cool parents. Even though I had a curfew…
  4. Parent nights at school were the best. Who doesn’t love having mom show up in her leathers for parent-teacher conferences? 
  5. I would never have to hide the fact that I had a bike. I heard of guys who were scared to tell mommy that they wanted a bike. I still know guys like that … but for me it was a given that I’d ride. Mom was cool like that.
  6. I knew my kids would someday ride with their grandpa – grandma wouldn’t stop him. It’s pretty amazing to see my kids take off on the bikes now with their grandpa. Of course, that means grandma (mom) is stuck behind. Maybe she’ll get her own bike now.

The great thing about moms is that they get it. They definitely deserve a day, don’t they. Find your biker-babe-mother a great gift like the best motorcycle gloves money can buy. 

Or you could sneak in the house very early in thie morning to make her breakfast in bed and risk everything… 

Happy Mother’s Day to all our biker babes out there. Ride safe and enjoy the day.

And to everyone else, share below a story about your biker mom!