Sport/Racer Motorcycle Gloves

Sport/Racer Motorcycle Gloves

Everything that a sports glove rider needs …

… hard knuckle gloves, palm padding, wrist straps, and more.

If you’re a sport rider or racer type – if adventure touring, motocross, or aggressive street riding is your preference – you need a glove that performs on the track and on or off road

That’s why we offer features like reinforced seams with "body armor" aramid thread, extra hand and knuckle protection, wind protection and more.

Key features to look for in a sport/racer motorcycle glove:

  • Palms designed to give you a firm, stable grip
  • Extra protection for knuckles, pinky fingers, the heel of the palm, and the palm itself.
  • Good ventilation and glove materials that are tough yet flexible.

Don’t just buy a glove because it looks good. Buy it because it performs when you wear it in the real world conditions and on the track.

Our gloves are solid protective choices for the sport rider.  From hard knuckle gloves, to gloves with extra leather padding ... for daily riding, touring, or track days, we keep your hands comfortably protected.

Olympia Sport Motorcycle Gloves: great gloves for your next adventure.

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