Touch Screen Motorcycle Gloves

Touch Screen Motorcycle Gloves

Next time you answer your phone or use other touchscreen devices, keep your gloves on!

How often do you try to fine-tune your GPS route, look for a nearby business, or simply check your email while pulled over?

While getting away from electronics is one of the things we love about riding, let’s face it - digital technology is a part of life that’s not changing anytime soon.

What makes our touch screen technology better?

  • On some smart phone glove styles, we shape the touchscreen fingertip pad with a raised area, for touchscreen accuracy and dexterity.
  • On other styles, we use touch-enabled leather and conductive fingertips for a seamless “touch” experience
  • On all our styles, you can count on classic Olympia comfort and fit.

So, the next time it’s a cold day, your phone is ringing and it’s your special someone calling, enjoy the comfort of connecting without having to take your gloves off … Olympia Touch Screen Motorcycle Gloves have you covered. 

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