KN95 Face Mask, Innovative 5-Layer System (10 Pack)

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Introducing the KN-95 Mask! 

  • KN95 FACE MASK, Innovative 5-layer system. Unfortunately Covid-19 is still around and the best way to protect ourselves against an invisible enemy is to wear protective Masks. In order to be socially responsible and personally protected when outside of the confines of your home, you must wear a Medically Sound, FDA Approved, and CDC Recommended mask that has been engineered by World Renowned Doctors, Respiratory Therapists and Medical Professionals. Our Mask provides the utmost in mouth and nose protection by serving as a KN95 Respirator with 5 surgically filtered layers to protect the wearer from Airborne Particles generated from a cough, sneeze, yawn, laughter, even basic conversation. Stay Safe – Stay Protected!

  • The maximum and minimum filter efficiency was 99.61% and 97.90% respectively. All ten respirators measure more than 95%. Similar to the N95 standard, masks must filter 95% or more of particles to meet the KN95 standard. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has provided guidance on use of alternatives such as KN95 masks when N95 masks are in short-supply. The CDC also has published testing results for over 120 KN95 masks. These results indicate which masks met or failed the 95% filtration standard when tested. This authorization includes a list of KN95 masks that the FDA has authorized for use in healthcare settings by healthcare personnel. These masks help prevent exposure to the coronavirus when used in accordance with CDC recommendations. The FDA removed masks that failed to meet the 95% filtration standard in CDC testing from the FDA EUA list. Amazon continues to monitor FDA and CDC guidance.
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The KN95 Face Mask, Innovative 5-Layer System (10 Pack) is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.