As a rider, you have to be prepared for road emergencies, and pack SMART.

Especially for touring and longer distance rides …

But you can’t pack EVERYTHING … so you have to boil it down to the essentials and then pack them nice and tight.

What’s on your packing list?  

What essential item do you keep tucked away, “just in case”?

Here are out top 10 items … tell us what’s on your list, in the comments!

Motorcycle Travel: 10 Essentials to Pack

You know that annoying guy who tries to stuff his truck, SUV, or camper with items to address every single possible contingency that can occur on a road trip?

Cager on vacation:  don't be that guy!
Yeah, him. Sure you got everything, buddy?

Well, you can’t do that with a motorcycle. (Which is part of the allure.)

Still, if you’re not prepared for what can go wrong, it can be a real hassle. So, there are a handful of items you should have with your bike at all times – especially if you’re covering a longer distance.

Here’s what’s in our motorcycle “toolkit”.  What’s in yours?

1.  Flashlight or headlamp. It’s the Murphy’s Law of riding: if something goes wrong, it’ll happen at night. So you’ll need a powerful flashlight or headlamp in order to see what you’re doing when fixing the problem.

2.  Hazard light. You’re more likely to successfully complete your roadside repair if no one slams into you while you’re doing it. A flashing hazard light (or flare) will warn passing vehicles of your presence so they can steer clear.

3.  Cable ties. These handy little strands of plastic are capable of holding together many types of bike parts until a more thorough repair can be obtained. Don’t leave home without them.

4.  Duct tape strips. It really can fix almost anything, at least for short periods of time. To save space, buy pocket-sized duct tape strips instead of trying to shove a huge roll of tape into your pack.

5.  Swiss Army knife (or similar multitool). Inevitably, something on your bike may need to be tightened. Or you may need to cut open packaging on something you just bought. This item saves you from having to pack several tools.

 long distance motorcycle trip essentials: swiss army knife
Those Swiss knew what they were doing.

6. Roadside toolkit. That said, it’s helpful to have a basic set of tools with you in case your bike breaks down. Make sure it contains the types of wrenches and sockets that are compatible with your particular bike.

7. Fix-A-Flat (or tire repair kit). A cheap can of Fix-A-Flat and small air pump. can save your bacon when you run over a nail out on the open road. A few minutes later, you’ll be back in business – and may not even be late to your destination.

8. Compressor pump. If your tire really is flat and you’re far from civilization, you’ll need to inflate it somehow. A portable air compressor can plug into your bike’s phone charger and re-inflate your tire in about ten minutes’ time.

9. Personal items and supplies. Extra bandannas, earplugs, an extra phone battery, nuts and bolts for repairs, fuses, wiring, visor cleaner, a small first aid kit. Sunscreen, granola bar, bottle of water, matches, wet wipes to clean flies of visors … well, you know.

10. Spare gloves. Like bandannas, your riding gloves can get pretty wet and rank after a day of riding. A second pair can make your journey a lot more comfortable.

Rider tip: In addition to your riding gloves, carrying a pair of heavy-duty nitrile rubber gloves — it can make fixing a roadside emergency easier and cleaner.

Olympia Motorcycle gloves
There. That’s better. Ready for another day on the bike!

So, What’s in YOUR Motorcycle Toolkit?

There are so many more things that we could have added to this list — but we’d rather hear what YOU pack.  What supplies and equipmen do you consider essential, before you hit the road? 

Ever have one of those rides where something goes wrong and you aren’t prepared for it? What di you learn that you SHOULD have had handy, but didin’t?

Leave us a comment!


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