Riding a motorcycle in the summer is downright fun and some people only ride when the weather is nice and sunny. There are a lot of myths about summer motorcycle riding. Here are a few, along with how to bust those myths!


Myth 1: It’s too uncomfortable to ride when it’s steaming hot

In some ways, this is correct. It’s hard to put on protective leather jackets, gloves, and helmets when it’s unbearably hot. But once you are on the bike and driving down the interstate at a fast pace, the wind around you combats the heat and you will actually feel decent. Just keep in mind that you could still sweat, even if you are cool with the riding breeze. You need to keep yourself hydrated and take breaks.


Myth 2: You don’t need riding gloves

It’s warm out, right? Who needs gloves on their hands! The answer is you do if you’re a motorcycle rider. You don’t need the gloves for warmth as you do in the colder weather, but you still need them to protect your hands in case you have an accident. They can also help you avoid numb hands, which is not only uncomfortable, but can also cause you to shorten the length of your ride.


Myth 3: Forget the helmet and stay cool with a normal hat

Just because it’s hot doesn’t mean your head is more protected in an accident. You may not enjoy the extra heat a helmet brings, but you will most definitely appreciate it if you are ever in an accident. You should NEVER ride without a helmet, no matter how high the temperatures soar.


Myth 4: I can ride in shorts and a tank top

During the summer heat, it’s simple to wear shorts and t-shirts everywhere you go. It helps to keep you cool. But when you are on your bike, you need to suit up in your normal protective gear. You do not want to be stuck in shorts and a t-shirt if you happen to get into an accident. Riding a motorcycle can be hazardous in many ways. You don’t want to burn your leg on the exhaust pipe, do you? The protective items were created for a reason and those reasons don’t disappear during the summer months.


Myth 5: Summer Riding is Safer

It’s true that you don’t have to deal with snow and ice, but rain can still happen any time in the summer. Furthermore, there are still plenty of drivers on the road and they don’t see motorcycles any more in the summer than they do any other time of the year. Whether you are riding in the summer, fall or spring, watch the roads for others as much as you watch for yourself.


Now that you know a few of the myths about summer motorcycle riding, you can work towards riding in the summer in a safe, protected manner. Knowing the myths and why they are wrong is half the battle. Now, carry out safe riding practices and enjoy the summer months on your bike!