Summer is the time of year when most motorcycle riders enjoy their bikes the most. However, it can also be highly uncomfortable to ride in the heat and humidity. Riders need to stay safe by wearing gloves and other protective gear, but that does not mean they have to dress in full leather and sweat their way down the road. These tips will help you choose the best motorcycle gloves for the hot summer months.


Tip#1: Think about fabric

There are many different fabrics on the market and they can make a huge difference in the feel of your gloves. If you are determined to utilize leather gloves (because let’s face it, they grip really well), you should look for perforated leather. This type of glove has little holes in it and will keep the airflow moving across your hand. If you are open to other options, there are man made fabrics that are lightweight, provide safety, and can keep your hands cooler.


Tip#2: Look at Venting Systems

The most important part of keeping your hands cool and comfortable is the ventilation in the glove. There are a number of different options in this area. Perforated leather gloves have holes, for example. There are other gloves that have flaps that you can open and close in order to control how much air your hands get at different times. Inspect the options and decide what will work best for you.


Tip#3: Consider Fingerless

In order to keep your hands as cool as possible, you may want to cover as little of them as possible. You will still want your palms and knuckles to remain protected under gloves, but you can consider letting your fingers hang out exposed. Fingerless gloves often have padding protection in the right spots, but allow you maximum airflow.


Tip#4: Don’t Skimp on Protection

In the summer, gloves aren’t meant to keep your hands warm, they are meant to protect them. If your gloves don’t offer the right protection, there is no point in wearing them at all. Don’t choose just any lightweight glove simply because it will keep your hand cooler. Choose a glove that has padding, skid protection, gel pads or other protective measures. Put protection first and try to get the coolest ventilation systems and fabrics second.


Tip#5: Inspect Grip

You need your gloves to grip well any time of the year. When you are looking at the gloves, think about how they will grip the bike when they are wet. Even if you don’t ride in the rain, you sweat and it’s always possible for the gloves to get wet. You need them to have a good grip even if they are a little damp. If the grip will hold no matter what, you might have a good summer glove option on your hands.


Summer or hot weather motorcycle gloves have a lot of little details to them and if you choose the right pair, you should be able to get the protection you need and the ventilation you want to keep your hands as comfortable as possible on a hot ride.