Without question, summertime is your best friend for motorcycle riding. The days are long, the temperature is right, and the roads are in generally good condition for long rides. That means you want to wear the best summer motorcycle gloves that provide  the best combination of performance and comfort for your summer riding adventures.

Excellent Ventilation

The best summer motorcycle gloves need to have excellent ventilation to help keep your hands cool and as dry as possible. When it is hot outside, you don’t want your hands to sweat. Fingerless gloves and ventilated gloves provide air circulation that helps to keep your palms and fingers dry while riding but making the sweat evaporate rapidly. That means your fingers won’t slip off the control levers, and you can keep a good grip on the bars and throttle. When it rains, additional ventilation helps to drain the rainwater and will enable your hands to dry out more quickly when the rain stops.

Light, Durable Construction

You don’t want or need heavy, bulky gloves during the summer. The best summer motorcycle gloves are light and durable. They will give you excellent abrasion resistance to protect your fingers, palm and back of your hand against injuries. Fingerless gloves are an excellent example, but you also can have fully fingered gloves that have open backs with a wrist strap that will help to keep them in place. Some of the best summer motorcycle gloves are made mostly of synthetic fabric and have leather sewn to the palms for greater durability.

Moisture-Wicking Materials

The best summer motorcycle gloves also have moisture-wicking material that will draw the sweat and possible rain away from your hands as much as possible. The drier your hands, the better your grip on the throttle and handlebars. That translates into better control of your motorcycle. Moisture-wicking material s also help to stop your hands from absorbing the dye used to make leather gloves black when your hands get sweaty.

Padded Palms

While ventilation and lightweight materials help to make the best summer motorcycle gloves more useful when it is hot outside, you still need to have protection for your hands in strategic areas. The palms of your summertime riding glovers should have leather padding and possibly even gel padding to in the palms help absorb road shock and protect your palms against abrasion and other injuries. Additional protection in the palms also protects your gloves from wearing out prematurely, because your palms are the one area of your hands that are in nearly constant contact with the handlebars.

Reinforced Knuckles

The best summer biker gloves will have additional protection in the knuckles to help protect your knuckles against injury. That reinforced armor could range from thick leather to carbon fiber. No matter what the material, any additional padding and protection will help to ensure you can get back up if you take a spill while riding.

Wet Weather Grip

Depending on where you live and how much you ride, sooner or later, you will get caught in a summertime rain storm. If you are experienced in rain riding and have the right gloves and other rain gear, you can keep riding until  you punch through the rain storm and hit dry roads once again. The best summer motorcycle gloves will provide excellent wet weather grip so you don’t have difficulty maintaining your throttle and speed or using the control levers. Good wet weather gloves will have a gauntlet cuff that fits over the sleeves of your riding jacket to keep the rain and wind out.