You know you need to wear motorcycle gloves every time you ride, but which of the multitudes on the market are right for you? Before you make a purchase, think about your riding style and needs and find the right pair. The Olympia 4300 Gore-Tex Rain or Shine Gloves have a number of features that makes them perfect for a variety of riders. Here are just a few of the best items.

The Rain/Shine Feature

These gloves offer warmth, waterproof elements, a windproof design and anti-shock pads in the palms. They are perfect for whatever weather conditions motorcycle riders run into. You get comfort and safety features in every ride, whether it’s raining and windy or sunny and warm.


The Anti-Shock Pads

If you enjoy going on longer rides, you may notice your hands starting to feel numb after a bit. The anti-shock pads on these gloves includes gel, which absorbs the vibrations of the bike before it transfers into your hands. You will notice your hands feeling normal for much longer. They won’t go numb, which is highly uncomfortable. That leads to a more fun, longer ride for you.


Touch Screen Technology

When it’s raining and you have to pull over to look up directions or make a call, the last thing you want to do is take time to remove your gloves. The touch screen technology in these gloves allows you to do what you need to do on your mobile device without taking the gloves off. You can tap away and then get back to your ride in no time.



You can adjust the tightness of these gloves by using the adjustable zipper at the entry point. When it’s warm, you might want to wear them a bit looser. When it’s chilly, you can zip them up. The versatility helps to make them good no matter what condition you hit.


The Visor Wipe

Even if you don’t mind riding in the rain, it can be hard to see out around your helmet visor or safety glasses when the water builds up on them. The visor wipe feature allows you to simply wipe the water from your helmet visor or safety glasses with the glove itself. It’s fast, easy to access, and effective.


All Around Comfort

You certainly don’t want riding gloves that lead to any sort of discomfort. These gloves are so comfortable that you won’t mind wearing them. Gloves that are too tight and constricting are something you won’t want to bother putting on. It’s much safer to ride with gloves on and comfortable gloves beg to be worn.



The Rain or Shine Gloves have a breathable element that helps your hand cool down, even when it is hot out and you are sweating. The Rain Chamber on the glove is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about water getting in. The glove insert has a breathable protection so you can cool down hands when they get hot.


No one pair of gloves is right for every motorcycle rider, but the Olympia 4300 Gore-Tex Rain or Shine Gloves are so versatile, they come pretty close. Examine the features to ensure they need all of your riding needs and then give them a try. With all of these great features, it’s hard to go wrong.