Motorcyclists enjoy the dry air Nevada has to offer and the isolated mountain ranges are a treat as well. With the large tourist magnet of Las Vegas and the lovely river and desert views, Nevada has a lot to offer any rider. The weather is generally warm and dry all year long so there is no need to plan around seasons, though summer can be rather stifling with all the proper riding gear. Here are some of the best routes to enjoy in the state of Nevada.


-Lamoille Scenic Byway

This short 12-mile route is completely paved and allows riders to get a great view of the Lamoille Canyon. This canyon is often called the Grand Canyon of Nevada and has many beautiful angles to enjoy. The road includes curves and has mountains surrounding it overlooking the canyon. The path starts at 6,000 feet and ramps up to 11,000 by the end of the trail. Watch for the flowing creek along the roadway and be sure to stop for pictures to show off to others later.


-Mount Charleston Loop

This over 60-mile loop takes you through the Lee and Kyle canyons with views of many mountain peaks along the way. You will feel like you are leaving the desert and entering a forested mountain area. The temperatures cool down and you can get away from the city life and smell the fresh air and pines. The roads are good and there are some nice dining areas to enjoy for a pit stop as well.


-Las Vegas to Searchlight

This trek lasts almost 90 miles starting in Las Vegas and running south. The small town of Searchlight is a great place to stop with plenty of photo opportunities before you head on to Nipton, another small old town in the desert. You get beautiful desert surroundings for the entire ride and views of Lake Mead as well. Watch for lovely Joshua trees and endless cactus plants.


-Death Valley Route

For a long 160-mile ride, this route is hard to beat. Plus you get some of the most breathtaking views you can find in the desert. Expect extraterrestrial-like landscapes with nothing growing higher than your knees. You’ll also have rugged mountain views and the springtime flowers are beautiful in the valleys. This surreal ride is something no rider should miss when visiting the area. Keep in mind that this route can get very hot, especially in the summer months.  There is also often construction along these routes, which can slow anyone down.


-Valley of Fire Loop

This 130-mile loop takes you out of Las Vegas on one side and back in on the other. The scenery throughout the ride is astounding. You get to see unusual rock formations and several parts of Lake Mead. The roads are in good condition, but there are a few bumps to watch out for. There are a lot of amenities at the beginning and end of the ride and the State Park in the center has a small visitor center and scenic pull offs for pictures.


Nevada is filled with lovely scenery and it is warm and dry throughout the year. Plan a trip other than during the summer time if you want a more comfortable ride and try new routes every time while hitting your favorites on each venture as well.