If you love your motorcycle, the longer you ride, the better. But if you haven’t gone on a long ride before, you might be surprised at the challenges you face. Here are a few tips for long motorcycle rides in order to make the ride as pleasant as possible for as long as you want to ride.

more Tip#1: Consider a Windshield

If you only ride your motorcycle for short distances, you may not really need a windshield, but they are great for longer rides. Riding for several hours in a row at high speeds can leave you feeling wind blown and exhausted. The windshield will allow you the energy to ride longer with more ease.


Tip#2: Prepare for Weather Changes

You never know what the weather will do, even if you look up the local forecast. As you ride father away from your starting point, anything could happen. Be are prepared as possible for weather changes. If you start out in cooler, ventilated items, have some warmer items along with you to change out just in case.


Tip#3: Consider Earplugs

Riding a motorcycle on the highway can get old fast when it comes to your hearing. Wear or take earplugs along with you and if your ears get tired of the high levels of noise, you will be glad you have them along.


Tip#4: Stop to Rest

Long rides can exhaust you and you will need frequent breaks in order to go the distance. Try to stop at least once a tank full of gas and stretch your legs. Get a snack and a drink at that time and walk around a little to get the blood circulating again.


Tip#5: Invest in Good Gloves

Grab a pair of Olympia 610 Anti-Vibe Adjustable Gel Gloves to make your ride more comfortable. You can fight hand numbness that sometimes occurs due to the vibrations on your bike and keep your hands safe at the same time. The gloves help you grip the handles for long periods of time without losing the feeling in your fingers.


Tip#6: Pack Snacks

Depending on the roads you take, you might not always have a place to stop and eat when you are hungry. Pack some protein bars and bottles of water so you can grab a bite whenever is convenient. Sometimes it’s fun to stop at a scenic overlook and have a snack rather than a gas station.


Tip#7: Wear Safety Glasses

You might not always wear safety glasses on short rides, but on longer rides, you will definitely want them. You will be up against the grit and dirt of the road for a long period of time and you need to protect your eyes from debris, both small and large, if you are going to last for the whole trip.


Tip#8: Take a Camera

If you are traveling along a new route, you will want to remember the scenic details. Pack your camera so you can document the trip to show others when you return. If you have touch screen gloves you won’t even need to take them off to snap the perfect picture on your cell phone. 


Tip#9: Adjust the Bike

Before you leave, make sure your motorcycle is adjusted just right. Check the handlebars to ensure they are at the right level so you will be comfortable and won’t have any hand numbness from a strange angle. Give the bike an all around tune up for comfort, efficiency, and safety.

Long motorcycle trips can be a blast and a half. These tips will make sure you enjoy every mile of the open road along the way.