If you ride your motorcycle year round no matter what, you know that the right gear at the right time of year can make all the difference. During the winter months, you ride in leather with thick gloves and other elements that keep you safe and protect you from the cold temperatures. But there’s no way you want to ride in the same stuff over the hot summer months. You would suffocate! Your hands would sweat and you’d never get them back out of your winter gloves. Use this buyer’s guide to choose the best hot weather motorcycle gloves to keep your hands as cool as possible and your ride as pleasant as always.more


Summer Gloves: Important Features



One of the most important features you will want to watch for in summer riding gloves is the ventilation of the glove. Many reputable riding brands make vented leather or have other fabrics with vented options. Some of the gloves open and close so you can choose how much air flow you get. When you are riding, you get a lot of air, but if it won’t go into your glove, you’re sunk. Choose a glove with lots of ventilation and your hands will be much happier in the summer heat.



In the winter, you want thick gloves that protect you from the cold, but in the summer, you want something much more lightweight. There are moisture-wicking fabrics that are lightweight, but still give you the protection you need to ride. Gloves come with mesh webbing between the fingers to absorb sweat so it doesn’t stick to your hands.


Fingerless Options

If you want to get the protection you need without covering every inch of your hand, fingerless glove features are a great option. Fingerless gloves will cover your knuckles and palms while leaving your fingers exposed. Overall, it will keep you cooler and it will still protect the essential areas.



You do not want to buy just any glove because it is lightweight and well ventilated. You will still want to look for protection in the proper area. Look for padding around the palm area as well as in the knuckle region. Watch for skid pads and other protections that will still keep you safe.


Perforated leather

If you appreciate the grip you get with good old-fashioned leather, watch for a lightweight leather glove with perforations. These tiny holes will give you the airflow you want, but the leather will give you the grip you enjoy best. You’ll have the best of both worlds.


Gel Pads

Gel pads can easily fit into many different types of gloves. They give you an anti-vibration package as well as safety against the road. There are many summer gloves with this option and they are comfortable and can be cooler as well.


Fabric Options

If you are not set on leather, there are a lot of other man made fabrics that can evaporate moisture and give you more airflow. Look into the options and choose what is most comfortable for your riding style.


Look through the list of features that you can find in summer riding gloves and choose what is most important to you. Then, find the gloves to match those elements. You always want to wear gloves for protection factors, but that does not mean you have to be hot and suffer in thick winter gloves.