Summer is the best time to ride your motorcycle. The weather is dry and warm and the elements are on your side. However, summer can also get hot, humid and downright sticky. Often, riders want to hop on their motorcycles in t-shirts and shorts to stay as cool as possible during the ride. This is not a smart idea, but there are summer items that can keep you cooler than your winter leather jacket. Use these cool tips for summer to stay as cool as possible in hot motorcycle gear.more


Tip#1: Ventilated Jackets

During the summer be sure to use hot weather motorcycle gear, while t-shirts are tempting, they will do you absolutely no good if you got into an accident. You really need to wear a jacket, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find one that keeps you more cool than a heavy leather option. Ventilated jackets have open weave fibers and quick dry fabrics. They can also have protective features that have materials in strategic location to add safety while giving you maximum airflow.


Tip#2: Mesh Pants

You don’t want to ride in jeans because that’s just too hot and stuffy, but you also shouldn’t ride in shorts. What’s the happy medium? Mesh pants. Mesh panels on pants allow you the greatest amount of air ventilation when you ride, but they also have protective padding in strategic locations.


Tip#3: Summer Gloves

In the winter, you want thick, heavy leather motorcycle gloves to keep you warm and safe in other ways. In the summer, the gloves still keep you safe, but they are way too hot. Luckily, there are motorcycle gloves  that have ventilation systems to add airflow to your palms. There are also lightweight fabrics and fingerless gloves that still protect your palms and knuckles. You can have the padding you need on your hand without covering your entire hand. There are plenty of options in terms of summer gloves that are still protective, and yet much cooler options.


Tip#4: Stay Hydrated

The worst thing you can do for your ride in the heat is to let yourself get dehydrated. If you don’t stop for water breaks you will feel even more hot than you already are and you can make the ride into something dangerous that leads to heat stroke.


Tip#5: Wet bandanas

On really hot days, use your bandanas to keep you cool. Dip them in cold water and wrap them around your neck. They’ll protect you from the sun and give you several hours of cool relief.


Tip#6: Light Helmet

You might like black helmets to go with your bike, but in the summer, black soaks up the sun and transfers it into your helmet, creating more heat than you need. For the summer months, grab a white helmet or choose another light color to reflect the heat instead of absorbing it.


Tip#7: Cover the Seat

When you park your bike and go into a store for a moment, it is important to cover the black seat. Seats can burn you when you come back out or, at the very least, make you feel very hot when you ride. Cover the seat or transfer it to a lighter shade entirely for the summer months.


There are some summer days that will make you hot no matter what tricks you use. But you can get through the heat of the summer months with these tips and still enjoy your motorcycle rides. Keep in mind that once you are speeding down the highway, the air is enough to help you feel cool most of the time. The rest, you may just have to muddle through in order to enjoy time on your bike!