Massachusetts gives riders a variety of route options that vary from heavily forested areas to mountain views. You can follow paths that take you to sandy beaches or those that allow you to enjoy bluffs. The state has plenty of hiking and camping opportunities as well as sightseeing and shopping areas. IT also has lovely historic landmarks to enjoy. Here are a few of the best routes in this state.

-Route 122, Worcester to Barre

The trees line both sides of the road for most of this straight route. You will also enjoy lakes and creeks along with plenty of shade. There are not many potholes and the twisters and curves are fun. There are even a few restaurants along this route.


-Country to Castle

This route is over 30 miles long and includes beautiful country views as well as mountain sites and even the ocean. You stop at Castle Island and get all of the views you can handle in less than 40 miles. The route starts on country roads so you’ll take in farms and lakes first. Then you get views of Boston and the Blue Hills Mountain. All of a sudden, there’s the ocean! The path is well paved and the seafood stops along the way are a must.


-Skyline Trail

This short 20-mile ride is a nice getaway from everyday life. It passes farms and through some beautiful wooded areas. There are vistas and old villages along the way as well. There aren’t many amenities, but on a short ride, you don’t need much but the views.


-Shutesbury S-Curves

15 miles is a short ride, but the nice back roads have classic New England scenery including lakes and streams. This scenic drive is known for its winding S curves. It’s fun to ride, but doesn’t have any amenities along the way.


-South central tour

If you want to see more of the state, this 150-mile ride is a great choice. It’s a daylong ride that takes you through the countryside. There isn’t a lot of traffic and you get to go up into some hills towards the end of the ride. With farmland and other lovely views, you can ride all day without noticing the time fly by.


-Salem, Gloucester and Annisquam village route

This longer 140 mile ride starts out in Concord and ends on the ocean. The North Shore is a great day to spend a weekend in scenic towns, enjoying beaches and museums. Boston is nearby as well. This route is also good for just a longer day ride. Make sure you take the route during the week to avoid weekend congestion. You can enjoy Halibut Point State Park for the scenery and Gloucester for window-shopping.


-Plymouth/South Shore

The beautiful small towns along this 80-mile route take you back in time. You get to see lakes and shorelines and there are plenty of places to stop and eat or rest. There are also plentiful museums, antique shops and more.


Massachusetts is a great place for rides during the spring and summer months and it can be especially beautiful in the fall. No matter what time of year you visit, these routes give you a good place to start in planning your riding adventures.