The Garden State has more scenic diversity than you might think for a state that is smaller than most. Riders get to see part of the Appalachian Mountains and other beautiful areas including Hudson River overlooks and column rock rises. With plenty of options, versatile riders who like a little of everything can find plenty in New Jersey. Here are some of the best local routes to enjoy.

-Fort Lee Loop

This 100-mile loop takes you through a tree-lined area that includes a few small lakes. The beauty of nature comes alive as you go over a small mountain. The roads are in mostly good condition and there are some fun twisties as you go over the mountain. With two scenic parking lots, you can get a good view of the Hudson River and some of New York from the Palisades Cliffs. There are plenty of places to eat, but it’s fun to pack a picnic and enjoy the scenery as well.


-Central Jersey Route

This short 30 mile route will take you through some of the classic Jersey sights. You’ll drive past area mansions and see the Navasink River. You get scenic views of New York and Sandy Hook along the way as well. Watch for the scenic over view where you need to stop to enjoy the views. There are plenty of great views so take the twistys slow so you can enjoy them. The roads are smooth and well maintained and there are a few amenities like restaurants along the way.


-Mendham to Clinton

This route is nearly 60 miles long and takes you through quaint little towns, rolling country areas, and tree-lined roads. All of the scenery is great on the bike and most of the roads are flat. There are a few fun rolling hills and twisties to enjoy as well. Watch for scenic horse farms and enjoy some of the rural areas the state has to offer. You will go past several state parks and other nature preserves so there are plenty of places to stop if you want lovely views to enjoy longer.



You get to enjoy backroads on this 60-mile route and you’ll pass through Jenny Jump Forest along the way. With historic cemeteries, farms, and famous film towns, you get a little of everything. If you can, you might want to save this ride for the fall because the foliage changes are beautiful and worth the wait. Stop in Blairstown if you love the movie “Friday the 13th” because this is where it was filmed.


-New Jersey Skyline Drive

This ride is just 23-miles in length, but has some wonderful winding roads that go both up and downhill. You will ride through areas with trees on both sides and enjoy some small towns and fun straight aways. Watch for Ringwood Manor State Park for the Ringwood Manner House and the botanical gardens. If you want to stop, you can enjoy boating, hiking, fishing and other nature elements in the park. The roads are mostly good, but there are sometimes areas of construction that can slow you down.


-Route 519 from Phillipsburg

This 60-mile ride takes you through the highlands area with views of Water Gap in Harmony Township. These beautiful views are hard to tear yourself away from, but the rolling hills are inviting to any rider as well. If you like rural riding, there are plenty of great places to enjoy along this route. The two lane roads are in good conditions and there are smooth winding areas and a few twisted turns as well. There aren’t many amenities along the way, but you’ll enjoy getting away from the city life for a bit.


New Jersey has a lot to offer for its size and you may find that there are more routes available than you have time to ride in one trip. Plan it out to hit different ones each time you visit so you don’t miss anything spectacular.