New Hampshire offers one treasure after another of scenic motorcycle rides. The state is called the Granite State because of its rocky areas and it is mostly hilly, which is very fun for riders. The highest peak in the northeastern portion of the country lies in New Hampshire and there are over 1,300 lakes and ponds as well as dense woods and even a dozen miles of Atlantic coastline. The views are varied and riders get more than they might think from this smaller state. Here are some of the best routes that lie within New Hampshire.

Southern New Hampshire Ramble

This route takes you through some of the most scenic portions of New Hampshire and allows you a look at Maine as well. There are a lot of places to stop for pictures and provisions and you get to enjoy forests, farms, and orchards along the way. There are some lovely towns and quiet elements to the ride between stops. The roads are high in quality and there isn’t much traffic on this path. This route is great for those who want to test out medium length rides, even if they are just starting out in riding. The loop can be done in five and a half hours, but some riders want to stop more often and take it slower.


Kancamagus Highway

This route, which is often called “The Kanc,” takes riders through the White Mountains. It is one of the most famous routes in the state because of its fall foliage tours, complete with rolling mountains and patchwork colors. If you can wait till fall, it is a great time to take this route, though you may find more traffic in the area because of the colors. You can stop and enjoy the views on the many pullouts and take in the riverbeds, lush woods, and mountains nearby. Waiting till spring is wise as well because there are waterfalls at the peak of their flow as the winter snow melts from above and the trees show more buds then as well. You will find many elevation changes, but more sweeping changes than twisties along this path.


Seacoast Highway

The ride starts on the MA state line and half of it is directly beside the waterfront. You can enjoy the crashing waves as you take in this classic northeaster run along the coast. You’ll see cottages and other housing at first and enjoy a nice smooth surface. The short road has seasonal places to eat and you can hop off the highway and get anything you need with a short drive inland.


Mt. Washington Auto Road

If you are looking for beauty, you can’t bead this route. You get to see mountains from every angle, but beware of the steep drop offs along the way. Choose a clear day for the ride and you’ll be able to see 20 miles in any direction from the top. Keep in mind that the temperature changes quite a bit from the start of the road to the finish. Some of the road is gravel and hard packed sand so make sure you have confidence in those areas when you ride this route. There aren’t many amenities along the road so get gas and eat at the bottom. You can enjoy the gift shop and restrooms at the top. The road costs for riders to climb the mountain, but it’s am amazing ride chalk full of beautiful views.


Capital Beach Loop

You start at the state capital and travel to the ocean and back again. You get a variety of roads and terrain, some slow and some fast. When you are at cruising speed, you can enjoy the mansions along the ocean. Some riders like stopping at Antique Alley where there are a lot of small sops with a variety of items. The rolling countryside is a bonus on this route as well.


New Hampshire has a lot to offer to any rider, new or experienced. Fall is the most beautiful time for routes in this state, but many riders enjoy spring and summer as well.