Ohio has a high quality array of popular motorcycle roads, especially within the Southeastern portion of the state. Motorcyclists find paradise in quaint small towns complete with fun hills and twisty roads. Lake Erie is one popular destination with over 260 miles of shoreline roads. The rest of the state offers relaxing rides through classic Midwestern landscapes. Here are some of the favorite routes within The Buckeye State.

Tail of the Dragon’s Cousin

This 12-mile route is hidden in the southeast corner of the state. The fantastic ride sits just north of Wayne National Forest and you get to ride deep through the woods. Pictures don’t do it justice, this is something a rider has to see to believe. From steep hills all the way through the valleys, you get the best views all the way through. There are no flat spots and plenty of turns so it is good to be somewhat experienced on your motorcycle. There are constant turns and no places to stop.


Ohio Route 255

This short 21-mile route takes you from Woodfield to Sardis and much of the road within Wayne National Forest. The route is highly rural and does not have any amenities along the way. It’s gives the best views in the fall and has a twisty road that includes plenty of elevation changes too. There isn’t usually much traffic and sometimes there is leftover sand and gravel from the winter months.


520 To Nashville Road

The scenic byway takes you through a rural area without much in the way of roadside amenities. The scenery is breathtaking, however, and there are fun hills and curves to enjoy as well. The road is fun to travel, but keep in mind that residents are nearby and there are hidden driveways around some of the curves. Keep an eye out and control the speed on this road.


St Rt 278

The scenic curves along this route in Southeastern Ohio are some of the best in the state. There are no big vistas on the main route, but the forests and rock outcroppings are inspiring. The road was paved several years back and that allows for a smooth ride. There are no places to stop along the route so prepare before you take off. It’s a good route for beginners to test their skills and learn a bit more about how to handle a motorcycle.


Geneva on the Lake Back Roads

If you want to see Geneva on the Lake, but you want to get there in a scenic manner, this back roads route is perfect. You get beautiful scenery and small towns with friendly people. This county has the most covered bridged in the state and you will want to take a camera to document the adventure. You can even stop by Mike Tyson’s old training camp along this route. With two lane roads the whole way, there aren’t many turns, but there is plenty to see to keep you entertained.


Cuyahoga Valley National Park Run

For a short half an hour ride, you get great industrial valley views that turn into rural sights. The wooded areas meander up and down hills and take you over curves and through winding roads. Some of the side roads lead you to caves, old bridges and waterfalls. It is fun to stop and take some of the hiking trails and make a day out of this short route. Streams and creeks often overflow onto these roads so choose a sunny day when it hasn’t rained in a while.


Ohio has plenty to offer any motorcycle rider. Whether you enjoy straight roads or curvy adventures, lake views or open countryside, The Buckeye State has it all.