Much of New Mexico includes sun-baked scenery and the state can be rather hot any time of the year. But there are popular stops for riders including the Billy the Kid Museum, the Carlsbad Canyons and more. The best routes are generally in the northern portion of the states since they explore the Rocky Mountains and the alpine views. More routes lie along the western border, which New Mexico shares with Arizona. There are many opportunities for riders who want to explore The Land of Enchantment. Here are some of the favorite motorcycle routes in the state.

moreRoad to Timberon

If you want to view the Lincoln National Forest, there’s no better route. The beautiful scenery includes farms and ranches along the valley all the way to Cloudcroft. It’s hard to describe the scenery unless riders see it themselves. The amazing canyons include twisty roads and overlook areas to see as much as possible.


Ruidoso to Alamogordo

This 104-mile route has fun, twisting roads and beautiful scenery. The high altitude route allows you to look around without worrying about much other traffic. The good road quality helps you enjoy the twists and turns, but make sure you eat and gas up before you go, as there is nothing along the way. If your hands tend to get numb on the long rides, you will want to try the new Anit-Vibe Adjustable Gel Glove.


Northern To Central NM Loop

If you want to see as much of the state as you can, this 345-mile loop is best. You get the most for the ride in the fall when the colors are changing. But any time of the year, you still get to see the Rocky Mountains, the National Forests and the high desert views. You can shorten the route if you want to ride a shorter distance. The road quality is good in some places with construction in other areas, but there are plenty of places to eat and stop for gas along the way.


Toas to Mora

An hour-long drive takes you by fields, mountains, and rivers in a short amount of time. The Taos Canyon has fair traffic and plenty of twisties to keep things interesting. There aren’t any sharp turns, but you will want to have your focus in tact when you take this route. Stock up before you go or wait until the end, as there are not amenities outside of Mora or Taos.


Enchanted Circle

The 83-mile route starts with a lush forest and moves into a meadow view. You then get a huge basin view with mountain ranges on either side of you near Eagles Nest Lake. The open skies include great roads and the Cimarron Canyon has a beautiful stream to stop and see along with amazing rock formations. The rugged mountain range helps you guide yourself as you wind through small hills and see the mountains ahead. Traffic is minimal and the roads are mostly well done. Some of the circle has you in the middle of nowhere, but there are places where towns pop up and you can fill up on gas and food.


Albuquerque to Casino Hollywood

If you want a nice, short ride, you can enjoy part of old Route 66 and go past Sandy Lakes, Sandia Casino and follows the road next to the train tracks. There are flat straight aways and a few curves and plenty of great scenery along the way. You get great food in Sandia Casino and there are other good stops along this route as well.


New Mexico is known for its deserts, but there are plenty of other scenic views to enjoy on a motorcycle. Whether you like long, straight roads, or twisted turns, you can find it all within this state. It’s hard to choose just one route so make time for as many as possible.