Motorcyclists find two basic regions of scenery within the state of Rhode Island. The western portion of the state is known as the New England Upland portion, which has rough hills, forests, and lakes. The eastern portion of the state is called the Seaboard Lowland, which has lowlands, beaches, and salt marshes. Both are valid options in terms of great rides and some motorcyclists take time to explore both. Here are some of the favorite rides in the state of Rhode Island.

Zig Zag to the Sea

This route will take about an hour, but it can be drawn out if you ride slower and take in more of the scenery. You get to see some quaint towns as well as a Harley dealership along the way in addition to small pubs. The roads are in good condition and the twists and turns are fun for any rider. You have shopping and rest areas along the way and you end up at the sea.


Backdoor to Newport

If you want to get to Newport and you don’t want to bother with traffic, this route is lovely and easy. You’ll drive through rural areas and you also go through some beautiful coastal towns. Once you get to Newport, you have a lot of options for further rides where you can visit swanky mansions and pass over a huge suspension bridge. The roads are clear and empty until you get to the coast and they are mostly straightforward and flat. Wear some vented mesh motorcycle gloves so you can really enjoy the sea breeze. Newport is a huge tourist spot with lots of shopping, tours, eateries and more. Stop by a beach or two while you are in the area and tour a lighthouse, if you please.


Mid-RI Loop

This 25-mile route takes you through the green trees in the western portion of the state. You will go over many lakes including the Scituate Reservoir and you’ll enjoy the curves and twist along the road. The peaceful ride is good for beginning and intermediate riders. The twists are fun, but nothing that will scare a newer rider. There are not many stops along the way, but you can watch for a couple of gas stations and ice cream shops.


Jamestown Loop

In just 20 miles, you will take in lush farmlands, beach towns, and the cliff side drama that Rhode Island is famous for. Enjoy Beavertail Lighthouse, the site that makes this tour even more stunning. The park near the lighthouse is a great place for a break and you can even swim or jump off a few rocks. There is a town along the route that has some small cages, but that part is separate from the backcountry where you view the lighthouse and beach. So if you don’t want to detour, pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic with grand views.


Tri-State Country Tour

This route takes you into Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island all within a two-hour drive. You get a lot than three states on one route. You’ll see shoreline, farmland, forests and more. Most of the roads don’t have much traffic and you enjoy one-lane roads in the country. The long ride is easy going and there are beaches for great stops as well as towns to get gas and snacks. Take this ride if you just want to enjoy riding for a few hours. The shoreline can be congested in the summer so choose another season and enjoy!


Rhode Island is known for its quaint towns and open spaces as well as for several larger cities. You can enjoy all of those things along various motorcycle routes. It is hard to know where to start, but when you look through the favorite local routes, with any luck, a few will jump out to you.