New Jersey has a diverse amount of scenic views, though you might expect that from the title “The Garden State.” Riders can enjoy parts of the Appalachian Mountains, The Hudson River, and the Palisades, a column of rock that rises 500 feet next to the river. The beauty is enough to draw motorcycle riders to explore and there are plenty of great routes to take into consideration.

Quick NJ Ride

Take Route 537 and drive by the Charleston Springs golf course. You get to cruise by Allentown and enjoy farmland and sweepers with several high-speed straight areas to get you used to your motorcycle at a variety of speeds. This quick ride has plenty of places to eat, drink and relax as well as shopping areas along the way.


Tour Central New Jersey

You will start out in Old Bridge, NJ and head south. You get tree-covered roads, which are nice if you take this route when it’s hot. With some twisties and calm regions, you have a variety of rides available on the route. You’ll get to see giant mansions along the Navasink River and end on Ocean Blvd, where you get amazing views of both New York City and Sandy Hook. Check out the scenic overlook at the top in order to get the full effect. The roads are smooth and well maintained and you have a few restaurants and parks for stops along the way.


Chester to Frenchtown

This 31-mile route is easy to find and even easier to follow. You start in Chester or Frenchtown and take County Road 513 to the other town. Expect some of the best rolling terrains you can find with plenty of river and stream views. Be prepared for anything mother nature has in store with rain or shine motorcycle gloves. There are also horses, pastures, valleys and much more to see. There aren’t too many fast food places along the way, but you can get food and gas at local outlets, or pack a picnic and enjoy a sandwich on a scenic overlook, complete with trails.


Mullica River Loop

This small loop is only 11 miles long, but it gives any rider striking views around every corner. You get small rolling hills and twists that encircle the river. You go past the Historic Batsto Village through tall pines and along country roads. You get small ponds, camping opportunities, and scenery to enjoy. This loop doesn’t take long so you might want to ride it twice in order to see it all.


New Jersey Skyline Drive

The 23-mile route has winding roads that go up and down as well as woods scenery on both sides. You can take a look at the reservoir at the end of the route and stop at the small towns along the way. The Ringwood Manor State Park is close and you can see the Ringwood Manner House, enjoy a hike, stroll the botanical garden and more if you stop in that region.


Fort Lee Loop

With a tree lined beginning on the Palisades Interstate Parkway, you get to start the ride off right. Add in a few small lakes later and you get breathtaking views. Greenwood Lake has a tree-covered mountain behind it that can really be something to see. The roads are good along this route and the ride itself has it all. With scenic views, recreational areas, and great places to eat nearby, every rider can find what they want along this loop.


New Jersey is a great place for a variety of different rides. If you are going for something challenging, you can find great twisties and hills. If you want to test your speed, there are straight aways to give you some wind. If you want scenery, there are plenty of options in that area as well.