There are three main regions when it comes to exploring North Dakota on a motorcycle. The western portion has hilly Plains and the Missouri river as well as a large manmade lake. It is also home to the beautiful Badlands. The central portion of the state includes rolling prairies and lakes. And the eastern part of the state has the flat Red River Valley, farms and rural towns. Riders can explore all three or choose the one that most appeals to them. Here are just a few of the options for routes in North Dakota.

The Enchanted Highway

This country highway is just 32 miles long and has good road conditions. IT is straight through the hills and valleys in the western portion of the state. At the end, you can stop in the small town of Regent with a fun museum that sells miniatures and other things. If you enjoy wide-open country drives, this is a great route for you. The only difference in scenery is the Enchanted Highway sculptures along the way. The largest city nearby is Dickinson where you can eat, shop and gas up.


Roosevelt Park Loop

For a scenic drive, this route goes through and around Theodore Roosevelt National Park. You get to see some of the Badlands region and watch for prairie dogs, buffalo, and deer along the way. The good road has a few tight corners and some sweepers. You might want to choose another time to drive the loop outside of the summer months because there are more tourists and slower drives at that time of the year.


Killdeer Mountain Four Bears Scenic Byway

The route begins on Highway 22 in Manning and is designated as a scenic byway within the state. You will get some of the best scenery that you can find in North Dakota with rolling hills and long climbs. The rugged Killdeer Mountains are nearby and the Badlands end the 72-mile trek. If your hands tend to get numb on longer rides be sure to get a pair of the new Anti-Vibe Adjustable Motorcycle Gloves. When you cross Lost Bridge over the Little Missouri River, you even enter the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation. With high plateaus, high buttes on the horizon, and surrounding woods, the sights are unbelievable. There are plenty of places to stop to enjoy what you are seeing to plan for it to take longer than an hour.


Now Town To Williston

When you travel route 1804, you get an east to west route that is 70 miles long. The fun portion is just outside New Town with rolling hills and large valleys. You get to enjoy pristine lakes along the way and there isn’t much traffic to distract you from driving and looking around. The two-lane road is well maintained and you can get up to high speed between turns. Make sure your motorcycle is in good condition as there are no stops along the road.


Sheyenne River Valley Scenic Byway

You can take this byway for anywhere from 12-40 miles and when you follow the scenic byway signs, it is easy to navigate. You’ll get to see a stretch of river valley and rolling hills that wander through Valley City and follow the Sheyenne River. You will pass ranches, open fields, farms and other flat regions. This is the type of scenery that North Dakota is known for with open roads and flat lands so you can see hundreds of miles in any direction. You can stop at Fort Ransom State Park for a break along the way and there are some family-operated restaurants and stores along the route as well.


North Dakota is known for its flat farmlands, but there is more to this state than views that stretch on for miles. You can get the most variety from trying rides in different portions of the state, but there are fun, scenic roads in every section.