Flat lands and rolling hills as well as varieties of grasslands and prairies dominate Oklahoma. Motorcycle riders who look for routes in this state can find other views, however, with four mountain ranges and a large number of man made lakes. With hot, dusty conditions, it is best to avoid summer, but rides in the winter are usually comfortable with the right gear. Here are some of the best routes you can find in Oklahoma.

Okmulgee Lake Tour

This lake is very pretty and the over-flow dam is a beautiful site to see. The road has trees next to it for shade on a hot day and the pavement conditions are good as well. If the views aren’t enough, there are plenty of curves, twisties, and even a few 90-degree turns to keep riders interested in the route.


The Best of 66

This small, 40-mile portion of Route 66 is a must because of its historic background and beauty. You get a few curves and you have plenty to see. You may have to backtrack to take pictures because the speeds are high and don’t always allow you to see things the first time you go by. Since the route is short, you can drive it several times in a few hours. There are lots of little towns and shops along the way with plenty of Route 66 items for sale. Chandler even has a Route 66 museum to tell you more about this portion of the road.


Railroad Bridge Road

If you want curving hills without any stops, this is a great route for you. The trees make a complete canopy just south of Wanette, which is very unusual for this state. You also get some open country driving with a few unique things such as an old railroad bridge and sharp weaving areas. The pavement is well done and flat and you can stop at the railroad bridge crossing for restaurants and gas.


Draper Lake Ride

This 14-mile route starts in Oklahoma City and takes you around the small Draper Lake. The scenery of the lake on one side is beautiful and you can cross the dam, see a lot of trees, and perhaps even wildlife. You get long and short curves with only a few stop signs along the way. If you want to camp, you can do that along this route and there’s also a marina to explore.


-Southeastern Oklahoma Run

If you want to enjoy rolling plains, this is a great route for you. Once you get to Anlers, the scenery changes to large pines and you get to have fun on a series of twisties. This must0see route runs along mountain ranges and goes back to rolling hills once again. All with the scent of pine in the air. If you like country kitchens, you’ll have options on this run with plenty of hotel and gas options along the way as well.


Stilwell to Lake Tenkiller

If you want a short drive and plenty of winding curves, take this route through the Cookson Hills. You will have a few stretches through the valleys where you can pick up speed. The route is just 18 miles long and connects to other great riding regions. The well-maintained black top allows you good sight lines and the traffic is general light. You have amenities at either end of the road if you need to stop.


Gyphills Scenic Byway

You’ll want to take your time on this 150-mile trek along the Gypsum Hills Scenic Byway. You’ll get a great view of the Gyphills and get to see red rock, canyons, open country and grasslands as well. Watch for wildlife like turkey, deer, and quail and if you travel the road in the spring, the wildflowers and tall prairie grasses are at their peak. The road is mostly straight so you can take in the natural beauty with ease. If your hands get numb on the long rides, you will want to ensure you have a pair of Anti-Vibe Adjustable Gel Motorcycle Gloves so you can enjoy every mile in comfort.


Oklahoma has plenty to offer any rider who likes wide-open countryside, but there’s a lot more to it than the stereotypical prairies. You can enjoy lakes, mountains, and more variety than you would ever dream would be available. Explore different regions of the state to get the full effect of its beauty.