If you are looking for a great place for motorcycle rides in the Midwest, Wisconsin is one of the best options. The western portion of the state includes the Mississippi River and the St. Croix River valley as well as other tributaries and streams. There are winding roads in the area to enjoy as well. The Superior Upland region is below the border with Michigan and heavily forested with rolling hills and elevation changes. The Driftless area is a unique section of the state with jagged terrain and cliffs that give you great views on the open roads. Wisconsin may be known for its cheese, but motorcyclists are finding these local routes to be among their favorites.

Boulder Junction Beauty Route

This route starts on County k and runs 49 miles. The rustic road takes you toward Star Lake with a beautiful canopy of trees above you. The trees and the lake views are lovely and the sweeping corners are a lot of fun. Even if you ride this route on a hot day, the tree covering gives you a semblance of air conditioning. You will drive 45 mph or less and that’s a great way to pace yourself and enjoy the wildlife and views you encounter. There are a few restaurants along the way and Star Lake has a great little store as well.


Wisconsin River Run

Take the Wisconsin 60, which runs east to west along the river. You’ll drive right along the river and get to see the river valley backdrop complete with foothills and bluffs. The pavement is clean and fresh and you get some sections with curves while other sections are straight through towns. This is a good road for beginners because there isn’t too much technical driving. It’s a relaxing ride with great views and basic amenities.


The Fox River Double Z

Start this route in Kaukauna and head north towards De Pere. The 20-mile route follows County Road Z and County Road ZZ. The scenery along the Fox River is second to none as you ride beside the river and pass through quaint towns like Wrightstown. This is Wisconsin at its best as you inspect cows munching in pastures by the side of the road. The pavement quality is consistent and there are some nice parks along the way as well as burger joints and places for coffee and baked goods.


Kettle Moraine Zig Zag

This 33-mile route has enough zigs and zags to keep any rider entertained. This unique section of the state has hills and odd rock structures that are a great contrast to the normal scenery. There are also tons of lakes, forests and plenty of wildlife. This route is best saved till fall when the leaves are changing colors. The glacier-ravaged terrain is great for riders because there are climbs, twists and turns that keep you leaning and accelerating on the entire path. There are a few good roadside amenities along the way and you will want to stop at the Ice Age National Scenic Trail to take it all in.


Holy Hill Ride

If you enjoy wooded scenery, this 10-mile jaunt is a great ride for you. You will see a few open fields and some beautiful views of the Basilica on top of what is known as “Holy Hill.” There are some blind turns on the way and gravel in spots so make sure you watch your speed to avoid trouble. There aren’t’ any amenities outside the Basilica, but the ride is short and worth your time.


Wisconsin is a great place to explore during the right time of year. Fall is the most beautiful, but there are enough tree-covered routes to make summer comfortable and enjoyable as well. Spring can be fun as blooms start to pop and show their vibrancy. Whenever you choose to explore Wisconsin, rest assured you’ll love one or more of these favorite routes. Be ready for the motorcycle ride rain or shine with all weather gloves.