It is said that Virginia is for lovers and those that love motorcycles will also love Virginia. This state has some of the best motorcycle roads in the country. IT has a rich beauty, plenty of history, and loads of amenities. Motorcyclists find themselves drawn to the Appalachian mountain, but they should not forget the Shenandoah Valley either. There is also 112 miles of Atlantic coastline to explore. The historical attractions are things like Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement and some of the most well known battlefields of the Civil and Revolutionary wars. Here are just a few of the great routes you can enjoy in Virginia.

Blue Ridge Parkway

If you want a long route that will give you as much of the state as possibly, try this over 450-mile ride. The upper half of the route ambles through the countryside and gives you fun stops like working millwheels, old millponds, and Civil War battle sites. The lower half is mostly in the Smoky Mountains with outstanding places to see things like blowing rock. You also get to tour an old plantation house and drive through the Cherokee Indian reservation where you can take in an outdoor drama and explore a museum. Service stations are rare, but they do exist. Stock up on food and gas when the opportunities arise. If your hands tend to get numb on long rides, you will want to be wearing thenew Anti-Vibe Adjustable Gel Motorcycle Glovesso you can enjoy every mile in comfort.

Skyline Drive

This 105-mile ride starts in Front Royal and takes you south through Shenandoah National Park. You can turn around and ride back at that point or continue onto Blue Ridge Parkway for a much longer ride. The drive through Shenandoah Park is beautiful and provides mountain views and plenty of wildlife. The road has lots of fun turns and is smooth and clean. The speed limit is low because of the turns and the wildlife that comes about at times. The relaxing ride has plenty of sightseeing opportunities.


Virginia-West Virginia

If you’d like to explore a little of each state, this is a great rote for you to enjoy. You’ll start at Staunton on US 250 and make your way towards Elkins in West Virginia. The road will take you up and over two large mountains and you get panoramic views of valleys on either side. You also get to see beautiful farmlands, miles of thick forests, rivers with rocky beds and plenty more. The road quality is good but there are tight corners and twists so approach the ride with care and only if you are a veteran rider who knows how to handle a variety of situations. There are things to do and places to eat on the towns on either side. The middle of the route has you going through the George Washington National Park, which has scenic overlooks and picnic areas.


Plantation, Settlement, Battlefield Tour

If you want to get in as much history as possible along with a beautiful, scenic ride, this 46-mile route is the perfect fit. You can see and experience American History as its finest. The route is only 46 miles long, but you could spend a whole week trying to see everything there is to see along this route. You will follow along the James River where you’ll enjoy the lush, green valley. The area has huge trees and thick woods, which are great for shade. It’s best to ride this direction in the fall when the leaves change color. While the beauty is evident, most riders go this way because of the special historical sites and attractions. The city of Richmond has its fair share since it was the capital of the Confederacy during the Civil War. The James River Plantation and Shirley Plantation sit along the path as well as several others. Jamestown Island is a must stop with a tourism center chalked full of history. And the city of Williamsburg has plenty to see as well.


Virginia has so many options for good routes it is hard to know where to start. You might ask yourself what you want to see most…mountains, foliage, historical attractions or other items. Then choose accordingly! Or spend several weeks in the area to see it all.