Vermont is one of the favorite riding states in the northeastern part of the country. It has great scenery, memorable roadside amenities, and unique sights. Some of the key scenic features to include are the Green Mountains and Lake Champlain. If you like to sleep as comfortable as possible, there are bed and breakfasts along the way and plenty of wineries and gift shops for fun and shopping. Visitors are always welcomes with open arms and motorcycle riders find one fun route after another. Here are a few to consider for your next adventure.

Brandon Mountain Road

This 43-mile route takes you on a loop through the Green Mountains. It’s a short job, but you‘ll see lots of forest and a little mountain as well. If you want a simple glance at the mountains without having to drive far, it’s a great ride.


Lake Champlain Islands

Grab Rt 2 out of Alburg and snake through the scenic, well-maintained roads on the Lake Champlain Islands. There are large amounts of things to do along the way, but it’s hard to get past the world-class scenery at times. The road cuts through the historic Lake Champlain with the Adirondacks on one side and the Green Mountains on the other. It’s worth the trip and you might want to plan on driving it a few times in order to take it all in.


Mad River Glen

Route 17 from the town of Waitsfield takes you on a small 15-mile jaunt. You’ll go past the Mad River Glen Ski Area and see some beautiful country sights with mountains everywhere. The twisties are amazing and you will pass through Camel’s Hump State Forest as well. The roads are well paved with a few bumps, but there can be sand on the road in March and April. There are nice picnic spots and good hiking trails as well.


Righteous Roads

This 140-mile ride starts in West Dover and takes you through the Green Mountain National Forest on Scenic Route 11. You get to view the Equinox range and see a bit of the Berkshire Mountains as well. The roads in the southernmost tip of the state vary in elevation and can be fun for any biker. There are nearly a dozen covered bridges, antique stores, eateries and other fun stops and outlets along the way. If your hands tend to get numb and loose feeling on those long rides, you will want to be sure to get a pair of Anti-Vibe Adjstable Gel Motorcycle Glovesso you can enjoy every mile in comfort.

Massachusetts to Vermont

Take Route 5 north and you’ll go through mountains, over hills, and through farm regions in the northwestern portion of the state. This quintessential New England experience shows the best of the splendor in the state. Go in the fall and you get to see even more beauty and tranquility on this ride. One of the stores along the way is an old time establishment with wooden floors and collectible items from bygone eras.


Back Road Loop

Take Route 31 and 9 from Hillsboro for a 176-mile excursion filled with rolling hills. You get to ride through a valley of green mountains and stop at small town general stores and locally owned restaurants along the way. It’s a fun, relaxing ride that gives you beautiful views and unique amenities.


Vermont is at its height of beauty in the fall with the foliage, but it is fun to ride in this state in the summer and spring as well. Beware of winter riding, not only because of snow, but also sand and gravel from trucks. There are enough routes to keep any rider entertained for weeks. It’s a good idea to plan several trips in order to cover enough of the state to satisfy the curiosity.