Utah holds three great scenery regions that motorcyclists enjoy, which include The Great Basin, the Rocky Mountain Region, and the Colorado Plateau. The northern portion of the state holds the Rocky Mountains while the Great Basin is in the west along with mountain ranges and rugged terrain. The east and south hold the Colorado Plateau where riders enjoy deep river canyons, mesas and buttes. Some of the regions have sparse amenities, so ride prepared. Here are a few of the favorite routes within the state of Utah. 

Bryce Canyon Mexican Hat

This route is nearly 300 miles in length and can be taken starting form the east or west. The route can start just north of Monument Valley in Mexican Hat, Utah. Riders say this is one of the best trips they have ever taken and many recommend waiting until fall in order to enjoy the colors even more. The high country of the state gives you red rock views, huge canyons and wide-open ranges all in one trip. You will feel like you are stepping back into time while you travel through untouched forest areas and view the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Bryce Canyon National Park lies at the end of the road and is truly a sight to see. If you loose feeling in your hands on long rides, avoid the numbness and invest in a pair of Anti-Vibe Adjustable Gel Motorcycle Glovesso you can enjoy every mile in comfort.


The Grand Staircase

The Escalante National Monument tour lies along this 130-mile route, which gives you views of Red Canyon, the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, and Bryce Canyon. The collection of plateaus, canyons, mesas and colors are hard to describe. Riders also get to pass through Dixie National Forest, where the hiking opportunities are abundant. Plan a whole day for this trip in order to take full advantage of the beauty by stopping often.


Mirror Lake Loop

Route 150 is a nearly 90-mile trek that shows you Parleys Canyon, which is filled with red rocks, mountain vistas and desert views. The road is flat and fast, but you’ll want to slow down for wildlife and beautiful views along the way.


The Canyons of the Colorado River

Take Utah 128 for 40 miles form the town of Moab and relax. You can stop at a pull out along the way and swim in the Colorado River on a hot day. The canyon road follows the upper portions of the Colorado River and twists just as much as the river itself. Arches National Park is close by if you want an extra stop to explore. It’s fun to watch boaters on the river having adventures as you ride. There are turnouts, but no gas stations or stores for stops.


John’s Valley Road

If you enjoy open range country, this 95-mile ride has some of the best. You’ll leave Bryce Canyon City and head north on a two-lane road. There is not usually much traffic so you can enjoy mountains on both sides as you leave Bryce Canyon to explore another part of the state. There are no shoulder or centerlines, but the road surface itself is in good conditions.


La Sal Loop Road

This short, 36-mile route has spectacular views to go along with the challenging turns. You get to see steep, red rock canyon walls, the Colorado River, and small ranches and homes. If you want variety, you get it all in this short ride. You get to look at the La Sal Mountains straight ahead of you and change your elevation over 4,000 feet. The fall offers a colorful ride and watch for wildlife along the way.


Utah has enough beauty to share with any motorcycle rider. Couples that with lovely weather, fun roads, and lots of variety and riders come from all over the country to enjoy what this state has to offer.