Washington is blessed with diverse scenery, much of which is breathtaking. This intriguing state holds the Pacific coast, the Cascade Mountains, the arid rolling hills, the Columbia River basin, and Olympic Peninsula and much more. All of those items make for outstanding motorcycle routes if you know where to find them. Here are some of the best routes to consider in the state of Washington.

Washington Pass

This 87-mile route takes you through an old forest and a national park complete with alpine vistas. You climb from sea level to 8000 feet above and end up in Winthrop, a fun little town that is one of the hidden secrets within the state. You get to see the Eastern portion of the Northern Cascades from the end of the road. The road quality is good, but there are twisty portions and falling rock can be a danger. Watch for wildlife and plan the trip for April through October as the road is closed in the winter. If you loose feeling in your hands as they go numb on long rides, make sure to invest in a pair of Anti-Vibe Adjustable Gel Motorcycle Gloves so you can enjoy every mile.


The Klickitat Route

Many riders have said this is the best ride in the entire Northwest. It is only 80 miles long and is a great sporting ride. There isn’t a lot of traffic and riders get fast, sweeping turns, long straights, tight twists and more. The pavement is rough in a few patches, but there are farms to see along the way and gas stations to give you a break when you need it.


Mt. Rainer Ramble

The best sight on this path is Mt. Rainer, the highest peak in the Cascade mountain range. The mountain is actually a dormant volcano with the done shaped peak. You’ll also get to see rivers, waterfalls, canyons, lakes and more along the way. They are often a stark contrast to the dark volcanic rock surfaces. The road conditions are idea and there are fun zigs and zags along the way. The long climbs up help you feel the power of your bike and when you go through Cayuse Pass, you’ll encounter the most fun part of the route. Avoid snowy conditions and you’ll love this ride.


Neah Bay

If you take the WA 112 and 113, you get a 780mile route that shows off the Olympic Mountains and the Straights of Juan de Fuca. With the mountains on one side and Vancouver Island on the other, it’s hard to go fast because you want to see everything you can along the way. Roads can be dicey in the spring, so allow road crews time to get repairs in and it should be smooth sailing. There are plenty of towns with food and gas along the way as well.


Clark County Scenic Loop

If you like to see a variety of homesteads and plenty of trees wrapped up with historical backgrounds, this is a great route to try out. The loop gives you lessons around every bend and some outstanding riding opportunities as you bend around rivers and through woods. You will get to see the Cedar Creek Grist Mill and the Pomeroy Living History Farm, both of which are worth a stop. The pavement is in mostly good conditions and the tight corners on the west section are a lot of fun.


Out to the Ocean

This route starts slow, but has some nice switchbacks and twisties later on. You’ll start in Olympia and drive for 123 miles until you are welcomed to the seaside. The scenery is colorful and vibrant and the coast is especially beautiful at sunset. If you drive at dusk, watch for deer. There are a few stops in the small towns you encounter along the way, but ride prepared in case you don’t want to watch for places to stop.


Washington is a love state that has a lot to offer any rider. Many roads take a beating during the winter months so plan a trip for fall, late spring, or summer in order to make the most of the fun routes and beauty within the state.