Motorcycle engines and handlebars produce powerful vibrations when driving down the highway.

This ‘buzzing’ can often become intensified during long distance rides, when hand, wrist and forearm muscles experience tiredness from long periods on the throttle.

Gel motorcycle gloves are one of the primary defenses in the fight against hand fatigue, and aid in preventing injury.

They are designed to reduce vibration, decrease numbness and tingling, as well as prevent several conditions that plague riders, including Carpal Tunnel and Guyon’s Canal syndromes. more

Studies of Hand/Arm Problems Among Motorcyclists

Over the years, many studies demonstrate the extent of the problem, and the need for relief:

Study # 1:  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Motorcyclists
A recent study  found through history, physical exam, and electrodiagnostic testing that CTS was present in both hands in 8%, in the right hand in 30%, and in the left hand in 12% (Manes H. “Prevalence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Motorcyclists. Orthopedics. 35 (5): 399-400. May 2012).


Study # 2:  Numbness/tingling and hand and wrist pain
An European study of Enduro motorcycle racers found that almost 50% of riders had pain or numbness/tingling in their hands. CTS was present in the left hand in 32% and in the right hand in 43% of riders after a second run (Sabeti-Aschraf M, Serek M, Pachtner T, Auner K, Machinek M, Geisier M, Goll A. “The Enduro motorcyclist’s wrist and other overuse injuries in competitive Enduro motorcyclists: a prospective study. Scand J Med Sci Sports. 18 (5): 582-590. Oct 2008).


Study # 3: Finger numbness and hand symptoms
A Japanese study of traffic police motorcyclists found that 19% of riders had finger numbness. The researchers found an increased rate of hand symptoms was associated with greater cumulative vibration exposure of the hands over time (Mirbod SM, Yoshida H, Jamali M, Masamura K, Inaba R, Iwata H. “Assessment of hand-arm vibration exposure among traffic police motorcyclists.” Int Arch Occup Environ Health. 40 (1): 22-28. 1997).

Riders are subject to between 40 and 200 Hz of vibration while riding, which is enough to cause injury.

Fortunately, many riders find that a gel palm glove offers comfort and helps to mitigate the problems this vibration causes, and we’ve heard that some medical professionals do recommend them:


Gel Motorcycle Gloves: The ORIGINAL

Did you know that Olympia was the original brand of gel palm glove?  We created the first pair back over a decade ago, and continue to innovate with each new generation of vibration absorbing material.

Gel glove styles often offer more rider features than meet the eye: for instance the 730 Touch Screen offers gel plus touchscreen fingertips, the 710 & 711 Gel Reflector is lightweight mesh for warmer weather, the 734 Digital Protector has carbon fiber knuckles for extra protection, and the 407 Fingerless Gel is for fingerless glove fans …

Bottom line:  We make 22 styles of gel gloves, for every season and type of rider. All of our gel palm gloves absorb high-level vibration, and decrease aggravation to wrist and hands. Learn more here, or see the chart below. 

Tips for Motorcycle Riders to Reduce Hand Fatigue

In addtion to wearing motorcycle gloves with gel, there are other positive steps you can take. Consider these tips from other riders:

  • Avoid wrist extension — keep wrists in neutral position
  • Initially grip throttle with wrist hyperflexed
  • Employ a looser grip
  • Avoid high handlebars
  • Breaks, exercises, relaxation of affected muscle groups
    • Avoid cramps by moving around and stretching your hands
    • Turn your head and lean it from side to side to stretch your neck muscles.
    • Shrug your shoulders and do some shoulder rolls.
    • Swing your arms around a few times
    • Walk around for a few minutes after disembarking your bike.
    • Stretch out your legs. Do a few leg lunges when taking a gas break or getting food.
  • Use stress-reducing devices such as:
    • Throttle Boss or wrist rest
    • Softer foam grips
    • Weighted bar ends
    • Cruise control and/or throttle locks
    • Throttle Rocker or a Cramp Buster.
  • Wear Gel Palm Padded Gloves

We hope these tips for combating hand/wrist/arm pain helps — and for more tips, read:  26 Tips to Reduce Hand Numbness from Other Motorcycle Riders

We wish you only ‘good vibrations’ wherever the road takes you, and a pleasurable and pain-free ride.

Do you have any other suggestions for a pain-free ride? Have gel motorcycle gloves helped? Leave your comment, we’d love to know.

P.S.  We make over 70 styles of gloves  — many with gel padding and free shipping.  To learn more about specific styles, refer to the guide below or visit our online store:




Style Name/#


Men’s* / Women’s* Description
106 Ringer Gloves   $39.95  Women’s only

Lightweight, stylish, with special construction allowing for rings and other smart riding features. Gel padded palms for comfort and vibration, reflective piping. Ample room for wearing rings

307 Vented Fingerless Gel  $34.95  Men’s only Integrated flexible knuckles provide discreet protection, and perforated leather on both sides of the hand keep you cool.
Add in a gel palm to absorb vibration, reflective piping for safety

400 Gel


 Men’s only

Gel throughout the palm reduces stress and fatigue of the hand while gripping the bars. Back of glove features light padding across  the knuckles, and our soft, supple leather gives you a luxurious pampered feeling

402 Preforated Gel   $44.95  Men’s only Deluxe premium perforated leather for cooling, elasticized cuff for comfort, leather Velcro strap for secure fit


403 Perforated Gel   $44.95  Women’s only
Soft cowhide, micro-perforations for cooling air flow, anti-Vibration gel in palms, seamless palms for comfort, reinforced stitching adds strength and durability


406 Stealth

  $49.95  Men’s only

Soft, supple glove leather, with strategically positioned anti shock silicone padding on the palm and base of forefinger and thumb, and a pre-curved finger design, for added comfort, back of the hand and fourchettes are perforated for extra air flow, trim across the knuckles is stealth by day and reflective at night, Terry faced neoprene wrist closure for a nice secure fit

407 Fingerless Gel   $24.95  Men’s only Large vent holes in the knuckles, features gel padded palm, quick release nylon tabs, reinforced stitching

410 Gel Sport 

  $64.95  Men’s only Gel padding in the palm absorbs vibes from the bars, for improved comfort, long gauntlet cuff covers jacket sleeves, and a special side cut for easy entry, double leather reinforced forefinger, knuckles and fingers.
450 Full Throttle   $54.95  Men’s only Knuckle armor is flexible for comfort, gel palms protect from vibration, Reflective piping, Adjustable leather strap

452 Perforated Full Throttle


  $54.95  Men’s only Knuckle armor keeps hands safe, and gel palms add comfort. This is the perfect glove when temps fall into the low 50’s- 60’s
470 Kangaroo Curve   $74.95  Men’s only This glove features a tough kangaroo leather palm — putting a softer and thinner hide, protective carbon knuckles, gel palms to dampen vibration, and pre-curved fingers for easier grip.



710 & 711 Gel Reflector $29.95 Men’s only Gel padded leather palm makes it a great anti-vibration glove,stretch nylon back allows for a nice airflow to keep hands cool and comfortable over a wide range of temperatures, spring through fall, and reflective piping adds visibility in low light condition


712 Ladies Gel Reflector   $29.95  Women’s only Stretchable nylon for easy air flow, flexible neoprene knuckles, gel padded leather palms eases vibration, reflective piping adds safety.


715 Extreme Gel   $39.95 Men’s only Gel padded palms, knuckle armor, separate knuckle protectors, perforated leather, Neoprene cuff, Lycra panels in the fingers



730 Touch Screen


Men’s only

Touch fabric on thumb and forefingers allows use of all touch devices. Fully-meshed back for maximum air flow while riding, leather palm with gel padding for great comfort and durability.

734 Digital Protector   $54.95 Men’s only Gel paded palm, reinforced carbon knuckle with Cool nylon stretch fabric underneath first layer, 
735 Ladies Touch Screen



  $34.95 Women’s only A classic warm weather mesh glove, touch enabled for use with devices. Anti-vibration gel padding in palms.


750 Ventor

  $44.95 Men’s only  Built with ventilation for cool days, gel padded palms.

755 Ladies Ventor
 $44.95 Women’s onlly  Strong leather palms for “grip” and air vents in the fingers to increase ventilation. Gel padded palm to absorb vibration.  Floating finger panels increase range of movement, manual dexterity and comfort.
757 Air Force Fingerless   $24.95                                                                          Men’s only Man-made fibers comprise this gel padded plam with cool mesh back
760 Air Force Gel



Men’s only Ribbed nylon knuckles, gel padded palm, terry cloth on the back of the thumb



765 Ladies Air Force Gel


Women’s only

Built to cool in summer heat, and stay comfortable on long rides. The glove sports a full breathable mesh back, for airflow; The gel palm does wonders for keeping hands from going numb from vibe, padded stretch knuckle flex design adds flexibility and protection, Terry cloth sweat wipe on the back of the thumb.