When we stumbled across a surprising tip to keep cooler when riding under the blazing summer sun, we knew we had to share it.

According to one rider in the in the Motorcycle Enthusiasts group on Linkedin , wearing long sleeves in hot, steamy weather keeps you cooler than bare arms (as if you’d ride bare-armed anyway!) and prevents rapid dehydration as well. 

Do you agree with this tip?  Learn why it works, and test it out.  Then let us know your findings.more

Cover Up to Cool Down! Riding With Long Sleeves

You’ve seen the photos of nomads trekking across the desert wearing clothing from head to toe? In the desert wind, the theory goes, staying covered actually keeps the body cooler.

The philosophy for riding in the wind is quite the same.

Here’s the thinking:

–  Sweat is the body’s way of keeping cool. But for this natural cooling process to work, moisture needs to remain on the skin in order to evaporate and cool you.



–  However, in the wind the sweat evaporates too fast to remain on your skin and cool you off. Then you sweat more to compensate, and that is dehydrating.
–  It is more sensible to keep skin covered, and body moisture high.



–  When covered, moisture from your skin is directly absorbed into the long-sleeved fabric. Dampened material close to your skin helps keep the body cooler — the moisture evaporates more slowly, and cooler fabric next to the body keeps you feeling cooler, longer. 

Lightweight, moisture-wicking materials are best.

Hot Weather Motorcycle Gear

We can’t say if this tip works or not … but when it’s VERY hot — like triple digit hot — there’s some special hot weather gear that can provide extra reIief. 

For instance:

Rider Tip: Drink up!  According to the rider who provided the “long-sleeve” tip and explanation, “… don’t forget to drink lots of water, with lemonade or Gatorade every 3rd drink to keep your electrolytes up. If you don’t need a bathroom break about every 2 hours, you are not drinking enough water”.

For 21 other rider-tested tips for keeping cooler, read our Summer Survival Guide.  Keep cool, and ride safe!

Lightweight Long Sleeves or ATGATT in Hot Weather?  What Say You …

Would you even consider wearing anything less than a fully protective jacket, no matter what the temperature?  Do you agree that long sleeves can keep you cooler than bare arms?  What helps keep you comfortable in the heat?

Let us know … we’d like to hear from riders on this one.

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