When it comes to summer riding, we’re constantly exposed to nature’s elements.

Riding can be a challenge in blistering heat, under the hot melting sun.

Why wear gloves for warm weather riding?  For hand protection, which is essential year-round.

And to keep cool and cmfortable, choose the right gloves for the season. 

Here’s a simple guide explaining the best options.

Summer Motorcycle Gloves: Cool and Comfortable

The main reason to wear gloves is to keep hands protected and comfortable — from abrasion, sun, bugs, road debris, and heat. 

If you are looking for good lightweight summer gloves, the main thing to remember is that direct air flow keeps hands cooler. Beyond that, look for gloves that add protection, comfort and convenience.

Here are some options:

  • Lightweight Mesh and Vented Gloves- On hot days, one of the last things you want is a sweaty pair of hands. Gloves with vents and mesh fabrics allow more airflow, to keep the hands moisture free and with a firm grip on the throttle.  Look for fabrics like neoprene and other lightweight, wicking and vented fabrics, with added texture on the palms for “grip”.
  • Summer Leather Gloves-  Leather is a classic for riders. While warmer than fabric gloves, you can still enjoy wearing leather as the weather heats up. Just look for unlined leather gloves or styles with perforated leather. Some riders also like  Deerskin leather gloves  for year-round comfort. Stow heavier insulated leather gloves until fall.
  • Fingerless Gloves- While not as protective as full fingered gloves for obvious reasons, lots of riders wear fingerless gloves for summer comfort and protection. Styles with a leather palm, gel, hard knuckles, pull tabs, and mesh backs are all good options for summer riders. (learn more: fingerless glove choices ).
  • Gel Palms- Vibration from the road can stress hands, wrists and arms. Gel gloves present a first line of defense. n. Look for gloves with extra gel padding in the palm to help with fatigue, hand numbness, carpal tunnel, and other issues caused by vibration.
  • Waterproof Gloves-  Summer rain storms are common. A good pair of waterproof gloves are a nice addition to your gear bag.  For maximum comfort, look for breathable styles, with liners made of Gore-tex or Aquatex — if the waterproof liner doesn’t breathe, hands will end up a sweaty mess. 


  • Rider Tip: No matter what gloves you choose, it’s always good to have a backup pair in case you lose or leave them at your last stop. Gloves have a way of walking off!



Here are some other summer glove features to look for, that are “nice-to-haves”:

So, that’s it, riders. On hot summer days, the right summer riding gloves can make your next ride a cooler and safer one. 

How do YOU keep cool — but protected — on hot summer rides?

When temperatures rise and the sun beats down, how do you beat the heat? Here are 21 tips from other riders to stay cooler this summer … check them out!  Ride safe!

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Enjoy the wind!


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