One of the most important articles of clothing for any rider is a decent glove. No one should really go riding without one on each hand. Not only will they give you protection from the elements, but if you go down soft or hard, they’ll also offer you protection from asphalt, cement and gravel road rash.

Up until this point, some of the finest riding gloves were made of soft and flexible leather. Leather gives superior abrasion resistance; it is supple enough to let you grip the handles, and it provides a modicum of protection from the weather.

However, advances have been made in how gloves are made and the protection they can afford. From here on out, gone are the days of having an extra bulky waterproof pair of gloves tucked away in a backpack, gear bag or under the seat. From here on, if you are looking for the ultimate riding glove, you got to go with the Olympia #4300 Gore-Tex Rain or Shine.

First of all, the outer material is a fine and flexible leather outer shell, which is just what you want. But it gets better. The leather swaddles two Gore-Tex inner lining chambers, one of which is made for dry riding, and one of which is made for times when the weather gets inclement.

Think about this. You are getting two gloves in one here. You slip your hands into the “shine” chamber, as Olympia likes to call it, for riding on days when there is only sun.  If it gets wet, you slip your hands into the “rain” chamber, and the Gore-Tex insert will keep them warm and dry. You can’t go wrong with this glove, which makes it perfect for any riding condition.

But if that isn’t good enough, it gets even better. The wrist zippers allow you a right and tight fit on your hands.  The gloves have a reinforced thumb that resists wear, and it even comes with a built-in visor wiper to keep the rain or other humidity, from building up on your helmet face mask. The palm has a silicone gel anti-shock skid pad that cushions your hand if you go down, and it will also resist heavy abrasions if you hit the dirt.

Not only were these gloves designed for maximum comfort and protection in any weather, but they were also designed for maximum feeling too. The “shine” chamber has been crafted so you can feel things when you touch them, mimicking the tactile sensation of real skin. You’ll no longer be groping around for keys or change in your pocket when you are wearing these babies.


The reality here is this. The Olympia #4300 Gore-Tex Rain or Shine glove answers all the needs that any rider might have. From weekend warriors on cruisers to crotch rocket canyon carvers, this glove has it all, but most importantly, it does it all, no matter what the weather conditions are like, rain or shine.