It’s a common summer riding concern, and we hear it a lot: riders hate to wear lot of gear when it’s hot, humid, and sticky …

Riders need cooler options, that still protect.

Unlike Beckham pictured above, look for gear with strategically placed abrasion resistant materials for the protection you need and the hot weather comfort you want.

Here’s the lowdown on warm weather gear to keep you safe and comfortable on the road as temps climb — and summer riding tips to help you beat the heat.more

Hot Weather Motorcycle Gear: Lightweight and Breathable

Apparel, helmets, gloves, and other accessories can all do their part to keep you cool as temperatures rise. 

Look for technical fabrics, and strategically placed protective materials that add safety without sacrificing maximum airflow.


  • Ventilated Jackets- Look for a ventilated jackets with protective features — i.e., jackets that are equipped with open weave fibers, and quick dry fabrics, and strategically placed protective materials add safety without sacrificing maximum airflow.


  • Mesh Pants- Good summer riding pants use air mesh panels to allow for maximum air ventilation, and some provide rider protective padding as well.

    NOTE: Our sister company, Olympia Moto Sports, makes great summer gear options, with removable waterproof liners, and more, for your protection and comfort. (We are partial to a slver mesh jacket, but they have lots of choices).

Summer Motorcycle Gloves:  Designed for Cool Comfort

Summer riding is more comfortable with the right gloves.  When it’s hot outside, wear gloves that offer protection AND maximize airflow, too.

Summer riders have lots of options. Look for lightweight summer motorcycle gloves with features such as:

 venting systems with air intake vents on the digits:  many reputable brands make vented leather or fabric glove styles.  Some open and close, so you can control the air flow.

 moisture-wicking fabrics: lightweight mesh gloves, with mesh webbed in between each of the fingers and on the backs of hands, are one of the most popular styles for summer riding.

 fingerless gloves: get essential protection where you need it most, in half finger styles that keep fingers cool.

 protection for palms and knuckles and backs of hands: look for skid pads, scaphoid protection, and hard knuckles in cooler fabric or vented styles for summer, to keep hands cooler.

 lightweight, perforated leather: you can’t beat perforated leather for “grip”  a pattern of tiny holes adds airflow to leather gloves, for the best of both worlds.

 gel padding on palms: you want to feel the wind, not the road! Look for gel cushioning on the palms to provide anti-vibration advantages. Lots of summer gloves come equipped with this feature.

 cooler man-made fabrics designed to wick and evaporate moisture:  It’s a little known fact that most man-made fabrics have wicking qualities, and will help to evaporate sweat.

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5 “Summer Survival Suggestions” for the Road

Here are 5 “Summer Survival Suggestions” to keep you cooler when the sun is blazing:

  1. Stay hydrated
  2. Protect eyes. Keep extra sunglasses in you bag in case a pair “walks away”.
  3. Wet bandanas, neckbands, neck collars or “neck tubes”
    • Dipping in cold water can offer 5-10 hours of cooling relief
    • Protects back of neck from sun too.
    • Wet your hair, too.
  4. Always cover a black seat – or get it recovered in a lighter shade. A black gas tank can get very hot, too. Cover that as well.
  5. Wear a white (or light colored) helmet.

How do YOU keep cool — but protected — on hot summer rides?

When temperatures rise and the sun beats down, how do you beat the heat? Here are 21 more tips from other riders to keep cooler this summer 

So, that’s it, riders. It’s an interesting challenge place to ride in hot weather. But with the right summer gear and a few special precautions, you can stay cool AND protected when it’s hot outside.

Any tips to add?  please leave a comment. Keep cool and ride safe!

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