The average commuter spends 38 hours stuck in traffic every year. While most people take cars, nearly 150,000 individuals ride their motorcycles to work on a regular basis. Some riders have bikes and want to use them as much as possible. Use this guide to assess whether or not you want to become a motorcycle commuter. If you decide to give it a trip, enjoy the safety tips for commuters as well.


Pros for Riding to Work 

If you’ve thought about riding your motorcycle to work, you probably already have a list of pros in your mind. They might include the following.

-Riding is fun!
-You will save money on gas
-You are helping the environment
-Parking is easier to find
-You are less likely to be caught in a car gridlock
-You can enjoy your bike more often


Cons for Riding to Work

When there are advantages, there are always disadvantages. And some of these may have kept you off your motorcycle during the daily commute.

-Added Danger Especially at Peak Rush Hours
-Inclement Weather Conditions
-Lack of Safe Motorcycle Parking spots
-You’re putting more miles and wear and tear on your bike
-Limited passenger availability
-Lack of storage to transport other items
-Helmet Hair issues


Tips for Commuters on Motorcycles


If you decide to go ahead with commuting by motorcycle, there are a number of tips that can help you avoid issues. Here are a few:


Tip#1: Know your Route

If you commute to work the same way on a daily basis, you will know the roads well. When you ride on your motorcycle, it is a good idea to take note of overpasses, exits, and other such areas in case you need to take shelter from a storm or get off the road quickly.


Tip#2: Drive for Others

When you ride a motorcycle, you need to watch out for other drivers and anticipate their actions. Drivers do not always expect you and they do not always see you. Be proactive and drive in a defensive manner so you can avoid any issues. Expect the unexpected and think ahead.


Tip#3: Obey Safety Rules and Laws

When you are commuting and there is a lot of other traffic around you, it is best to stick to the safety rules and laws in a strict manner. Do not speed, swerve, ride on the shoulder or do anything else that could lead to an accident. You might get away with it sometimes, but the one time that you do not is not worth the risk.


Tip#4: Observe Lane Position

Keep an eye on where you are positioned in your lane in relation to others. You may need to adjust where you ride based on your own visibility and also how safe and visible you are to the drivers around you.


Tip#5: Pay Attention to Weather

It is a good idea to check in on the weather before you leave the house or the office. If there is a rain burst coming through and you can wait and make your commute after it passes, it is best to do so. You need to know the conditions you will face at all times.


Commuting to work by motorcycle can be enjoyable and downright fun. It can save you on gas and give you more time on your bike. There are downsides as well since accidents are more dangerous and you cannot always predict the weather. But if you decide to give it a go, use these safety tips to get yourself to and from work safely on a regular basis.