Lots of riders find fingerless motorcycle gloves a comfortable summer alternative, instead of heavily-gloved fingers in summer’s heat.

FIngerless gloves are great for:  Comfort, shock absorption, better grip, padding and sweat control. They’re a lot cooler in the summer.

In this 2-part series, we explain what to look for when choosing fingerless gloves. 

 Mesh styles are light and cool, and good for wiping the sweat off your face on a hard ride/hot day …


– Black fingerless all leather styles are a classic …



– and, there are many comfort and safety features to choose from. 

Choosing Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves

Here’s what to look for when choosing fingerless styles:

  • A proper fit: probably the most important consideration when deciding on any pair of gloves.

    – Gloves that are too small can cut off circulation while restricting all that freedom of movement you need while riding.

    – Gloves that are too large are just as bad, cutting down your – and the bike’s – control.

    Note that all leather gloves stretch, once broken in.

Features for easy wear, comfort and protection.

While choosing gloves is always a matter of personal preference, here are some features to look for that add comfort and protection:

–  Quick-release loops to make removal easier << Note — without these loops, fingerless gloves can be hard to get on and off.  So while they may look less streamlined, the loops are a great convenience.


–  Hard knuckles, constructed of a material that adds comfort and flexibility as well as hard protection.


–  Reinforced palms for better grip  — plus, palm padding protects from blisters and abrasion.


–  Venting and “airflow”: Fingerless gloves with maximum airflow. Look for circular openings on the back of the hand, mesh on the back of the hand and in between the fingers, venting or perforated leather so sweat can evaporate, a big plus in warm weather.


–  Leather: Unlike cheap leather that is hard and stiff, fingerless leather gloves should be supple enough to allow for good freedom of movement, made from soft and supple glove leather with some give. Learn more about choosing leather fingerless gloves, and the differences between styles and brands, here.


–  Secure closure:  gloves that fasten securely at the wrist, no matter which size you wear, to keep them securely on your hands.


–  Gel palm padding:  Gel absorbs road shock, and keep hands from “going numb”.  This is your best defense against hand fatigue or numbness that can result from constant engine vibration.


–  Reflective:  Reflective material on the backs of hands are a nice addition for night time riding.


–  Quality construction: Nobody wants gloves to fall apart because the stitching is loose or cheaply sewn. Seams at all important point of wear should be double-stitched and reinforced for durability. 

We make 4 styles of fingerless gloves, available at our online store or at your local dealer.


Disadvantages of Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves

Some riders question the sense of wearing gloves that don’t FULLY protect hands and fingers.

Because fingerless gloves provide far less coverage than full gloves, there are naturally a few disadvantages to consider. If you’re riding on the track you would never choose them.

But if you are cruising or street riding and for some unforseen reason you drop the bike, you’ll usually end up with palms hitting the ground first.

So while your fingers are out there, exposed to the elements and without defense to possible injuries from a slide or abrasions from flying road debris or bugs, your palms do stay protected.

  • These gloves won’t help in cold weather … you’ll need winter gloves for that!  Stow them once temperatures fall. 

A Note on Value: “You Get What You Pay For”

Riders give us high marks on our leather that feels soft — and our fit and comfort and durability.  Cheaper knock-off’s, not so much.


Spend another couple bucks for gloves onstructed of premium glove leather, with reinforced seams, proportioned to fit well, a track record for durability, and a company that stands behind their product. 

You actually do get what you pay for.


How do YOU keep cool — but protected — on hot summer rides?

When temperatures rise and the sun beats down, how do you beat the heat? Here are 21 tips from other riders to keep cooler this summer … check them out!  Ride safe!

P.S. We make over 70 styles of gloves. To learn more about our fingerless motorcycle glove styles, visit a local dealer or our online store. All summer motorcycle gloves get free shipping thru 6/30.