Hey, we don’t usually bring this up …



We’d much rather talk about the fun of riding .. but every once in a while the “why wear motorcycle gloves”  question comes up.


You may be tempted to think — ” … it’s summer, it’s hot, no gear today“.

Well, we could tell you all the benefits of protective gloves … how they’re made with “abrasion proof” this and “padded” that …



Instead, we’ll just let a rider friend who was in a wreck last month answer this most basic question for you.more

Junie Rose is an experienced year-round rider who has completed the 8000+ mile Hoka Hey Challenge ride every year — but she was in a wreck last month on her way to the 2014 Hoka Hey Challenge.  

 As she tells it:

” … The speed limit is 70. Four lanes of traffic, all stopped. The tail lights came so fast there was no time to think. I have always told myself get away from the bike. I don’t remember doing that but that’s what I did.


More important than what I did for the next few seconds is what I did that morning. I put on my gear. My helmet, my long pants, my jacket, my boots and my gloves. I did not hit the cars stopped in front of me but I did hit the ground. Thank You Olympia for the gloves you gave me they saved my hands…”

As for this most basic question, it goes without saying: All the Gear, All the Time.

Every rider is going to have an unplanned get-off. Your gear will save your hands, and your hide.

Enough said.


PS – We are so thankful that, despite her injuries, Junie is on the mend. 

We look forward to seeing her back in the saddle on “Hunydu”, good as new, continuing to raise money for the Nation of Patriots and others in need — she is one tough lady with a heart as big as they come.



As for the rest of us … stay alert, and stay safe.

Rider Suggestions for Safer Riding

The riders who stop by our Facebook page are not shy about saying what they think.  So on the topic of safety, here are a few basic reminders we wanted to share:
  • Wear polarized sunglasses so you are not ‘blinded by the light’.
  • Zen Time: You know that time of day where you start drifting off into the clouds and start daydreaming. This is a clear hint that it is time to pull over for a short rest. Clear your mind.
  • When you are riding, pay attention to what is ahead of you. Watch out for people crossing the street, people walking their dogs and traffic lights about to change from yellow to red. Looking out into a beautiful open field, body of water or other view can be distracting. Even the automobile next to you while at a red light, or rubbernecking when passing an accident is tempting. Be mindful of the ‘big picture’ and stay focused on your ride. Stay on track and keep driving ahead.
  • When it is time to rest, rest. Your body may be uncomfortable. Listen to your body and take a restful stop.
  • Why wear motorcycle gloves? Safer riding …
             High protection from crash and elements
             Abrasion impact (key areas like palm, knuckles, and little finger )
             Weather protection (warm, waterproof, airflow for summer, etc.)
              Protection from vibration (gel)
              Convenience features (touchscreen, zipper pocket, etc)
If you are reading this, you may have gone without gear before, and … though we hope not … perhaps you still think that “feeling the wind” beats suiting up.


Have we changed your mind? Let us know what you think.