Men's Motorcycle Gloves

Men's Motorcycle Gloves

Classic lines. Unbeatable Comfort. Legendary Durability.

We often hear from riders who get 20K, 40K miles or more from a pair of Olympia Gloves – riders who are stubbornly loyal to our brand.

Here’s What Riders Say:

  • Fit/Comfort: Our customers usually tell us they just fit and feel right, without being too snug, or having extra length or bulk where you don’t need it. That’s because our signature fit is American cut -- usually a better fit for American hands than leaner and trimmer cut European brands.
  • Classic:  Our customer likes a signature look that is classic and timeless, featuring clean lines, simple styling and padding/protection where it counts.
  • Durability: The following testimonial comes from an Olympia Gloves men’s motorcycle glove customer:

    “I bought a pair in 1992 and have wore them every winter since… They are the best all around glove I have ever owned. They have also lasted 22 years!” – Kurt S.

    Olympia Men’s Motorcycle Gloves: A rock solid option for serious riders.

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