Windproof Motorcycle Gloves

Olympia Windproof motorcycle gloves: great hand protection in windy conditions.

What makes a glove windproof? Some gloves have a special type of windproof, waterproof lamination layer added to the outer shell or the lining of the glove. (When we take the extra step of sealing seams, we call them waterproof gloves).

When you just want extra wind blocking power, look for:

      • WindTex: fully windproof, designed for riders who need a breathable barrier against wind.
      • WindStopper: fully windproof, with the highest degree of breathability -- from the same company that makes Gore-Tex.

If you’ve ridden in spring and late fall, chances are you've experienced some blustery weather -- depending on where and when you ride, you may decide that motorcycle gloves with an extra degree of weather protection and comfort are needed.

Browse through our selection of windproof motorcycle gloves: Whether you choose gloves with WindTex or WindStopper is entirely up to you!