Prepare For Summer Rides With Olympia Gloves - Olympia Gloves

Temperatures are now above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and when that happens, you need riding gear that can accommodate summer riding conditions.

Eliminating protective gear (Jacket, Boots, Helmet) is not a good option but The clothing you wear in early spring probably isn’t comfortable on a summer road trip.

Any rider knows that choosing the right pair of gloves is a deal breaker plus riding gloves are one of those major protective elements that you need on a bike. 

For summer comfort and protection, look for:

  1. Venting system with air intake vents on each finger
  2. Technical, moisture-wicking fabrics
  3. Ventilated construction, with mesh fabric webbed in between fingers
  4. Thinner leathers that are still durable and protective
  5. Reflective piping for better visibility, dawn thru dusk
  6. Knuckle Armor with a layer of wicking fabric next to your skin
  7. Fingerless glove designs.

If you’re looking for the best summer motorcycle gloves, check out some of the top options.

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