We all love leather cloves, but as any biker knows, leather heats up. Fatigue sets in, and all of a sudden that cool ride has become a sweat slick, and blisters can form.

That’s why glove manufacturers make summer weight mesh gloves with vents and other features that keep your hands cool.

Which glove features are best for wicking away sweat? 

Which are best at keeping your hands comfortable yet safe when the sun is out to bake you?

When the sun’s out to bake you, here’s how to keep hands protected, AND chill out this summer in style.

Which Summer Motorcycle Gloves Keep You Coolest?

In summer’s heat, you’ll want gloves that offer lightweight, breathable comfort and protection. When choosing summer gloves, here’s what to look for:

  • Cooling vents: Air intake vents on your fingers let in air, maintaining a nice breeze to your hands.

  • Mesh fabrics:  Mesh lets your hands breathe, and these fabrics also have wicking qualities, keeping them free of sweat. Look for mesh along the back of the hand, or between fingers to cool your hands.

Examples of mesh styles that will keep you cool and comfortable in summer’s heat include:  #730 Touch Screen#710 & #711 Gel Reflector, #734 Digital Protector, #760 Air Force Gel, #750 Ventor, and #150 Airflow


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Other mesh styles can be found here:


Other glove qualities good for hot weather are:

  • Sweat-wicking materials: Many man-made fabrics (ie polyesters, not cotton) have the advantage of NOT absorbing moisture, ensuring that moisture evaporates and your hands remain dry. 

  • Fingerless designs: The obvious advantage of fingerless gloves is the freedom of your fingers to breathe, whilst still maintaining the knuckle and palm protection you need to prevent hand fatigue.

    Examples include: #407 Fingerless Gel, #107 Outrider II, and #307 Vented Fingerless Gel.

  • “Shortie” styles:  A gap between the glove and the sleeve keeps your hands cool. Ditch the gauntlets and try a “shortie” pair to help keep you cool.

Rider Safety and Summer Gear

It’s always a tradeoff — abrasion protection vs. feeliin’ the breeze.

Mesh gloves are not going to be as protective as more durable leather motorcycle gloves in an unplanned get off, but should offer hand, knuckle and palm protection from sun, pebbles flicked up from the road.

The best advice: even in 100 degree heat, wear your gear during summer rides.

Head to toe protective clothing from reputable manufacturers is engineered for summer, and a good investment — you don’t have to wear your heaviest leathers, to protect from road rash in summer’s heat.

How do YOU keep cool — but protected — on hot summer rides?

When temperatures rise and the sun beats down, how do you beat the heat? Here are 21 tips from other riders to keep cooler this summer … check them out!

Summer Savings on Mesh & Vented Gloves

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